Honni + Matt

Meet the Storey's. We've been blessed to know these two for a while now and the more we've gotten to know them, the richer our lives have become. Matt came over to Canada a few years ago for an adventure. Our good friend Jon* knew Matt when he lived in Perth, so when Matt landed in Vancouver, he quickly joined our crew. While exploring the Great White North he was torn about a love that was forming with a girl back home. Enter Honni. These two have been friends for quite some time, they were always together, friends and family always thought they'd be a good match but they weren't quite ready to start dating. A little while later Matt knew he had to return down under. He knew that Honni was the one and he couldn't be away from her any longer. (Awwwww!)

*fun fact: Jon is the husband of our dear friend and graphic designer the incredible Heather Hastings! Check out their wedding film here!

This was a once in a lifetime trip that we'll never forget for two reasons:

Reason #1: The Wedding During the months leading up to the wedding, we heard murmurings from Matt and Honni of what to expect and each day it seemed to be getting more and more epic (I usually don't like using the word epic, but it truly is warranted in this case). From the breathetaking location of Yallingup (a few hours south of Perth), to the reception Tee Pee's, and even a magical forest, we knew this was going to be unforgettable. I don't want to spoil too much so please take a look at their film. You HAVE to watch it. I won't take no for an answer :)

Reason #2: The People We were (and still are) absolutely blown away by the amazing warmth and love that came from both the bride and grooms' close friends and family. We have never felt so welcomed into a group of people so quickly. As cliche as it sounds, the second we landed in Perth we felt like we'd known everyone for years. They welcomed us into their homes, moved out of their bedrooms for us and drove us around town to see all the sites and all their favorite places. If you follow me on instagram then you caught a glimpse into the amazing fun we had. We have a lot more we want to say about the trip and these people but we'll save that for our next blog post :)

We want to say thank you - thank you - thank you to Matt and Honni once again. You two were a dream to film and we truly love you both. Puh-lease come back to Canada soon!



Kim + Grant

Ever seen two people so clearly in their own world and so in love that you sorta feel like you’re eves dropping on something? But you don’t wanna leave cause its so stinkin sweet? That is how I felt while creeping behind my camera during Kim + Grant's vows. Oh dear goodness – you HAVE to hear these vows. No, that's not right, you need to experience these vows. I’ve never heard anything like them and feel so blessed to have been a part of this day. This couple started dating in high school but waited 10 years to be married while suffering through several years of the always horrible ‘long distance’. Wicked long distance. Kim was in LA and Grant was in Boston. Now they are both in Boston and FINALLY together. We are so happy for this amazing couple – salt of the earth these two. Congratulations Kim and Grant J

Fair warning – I cried through most of this ceremony.


Jamie + David

What any absolutely amazing two weeks we've had. If you don't follow me (Mac) on twitter or instagram, then you might not know that we've spent the last two weeks in Perth WA Australia. We were down there shooting a wedding and extended the trip so we could have a little holiday time to celebrate the end of our crazy season. The wedding was breathtaking, we met some amazing people, ate some incredible food, and we can't wait to share more :) But that will have to wait... We've been so fortunate to be able to travel to some beautiful cities to capture weddings. One that truly stands out to us is Jamie + David's which was held in nearby in Victoria on Vancouver Island. Erin and I haven't been able to spend much time there but when we arrived we saw clearly why Jamie + David decided to hold the wedding Victoria. It's simply beautiful. Jamie and David are from Washington State but currently live in LA. When we first talked with them over Skype we instantly clicked - such a strong and instant connection with this couple. We were curious as to why they decided to hold their wedding in Victoria. They said that being from Washington, the pacific northwest held a special place in there hearts and coupled with their shared love of travel, they just knew that Victoria was the perfect spot. Family travelled from all over to see these two get hitched.

The day before the wedding we met up with Jamie and David for brunch at a rad little restaurant in Victoria called Jam Cafe (a-MA-zing!). We visited for a while, talked about our shared love of good music, and enjoyed great food. After hanging with these two and seeing how relaxed they were together, we knew this wedding was going to be something special. We took note of all these things and knew how important it would be in the telling of their story. Check out the film below to see what we mean…

Jamie and David thank you for allowing us into your lives and for being so warm and welcoming to us! We truly feel like we've been long time friends :) Can't wait to meet up again next time we're in LA!

We had an aboslute blast working with the amazing Ashley and Verlon of Dragonflight Photography! It's always a joy working alongside them. Also this was our first wedding with planner Brianne Makanani and we truly hope it's not the last. She is awesome!

Jackie + Darrin

Summer is over. How nuts is that?! We've been shooting non stop and it's been so so fun. We feel so blessed to be able to create films for some extraordinary couples all ova this great nation (aka CANADA! duh). However, since our summers are so full of weekend shoots (and strangely a lot of mid week weddings this year), we don't get very much down time. Needless to say we love the Fall season. Like LOVE this season. We LOVE fall. Like if you were to ask us, "Hey Mac and Erin, what's your favorite season?" We'd answer "Uh - FALL!" and yell it a little bit :) We love this season mainly because it means we're one step closer to Christmas, but also because it means we have a little time to relax, its appropriate to start watching movies again (instead of going outside), we can perhaps go on a quick trip, watch You've Got Mail (don't you just love New York in the fall?!) and get back into the editing groove. When we look back on our summer one of the highlights for us was fer shure Jackie and Darrin. The most important part of Jackie and Darrin’s wedding (besides actually getting married obviously) was friends and family. One thing that came up time and time again during our meetings with them was how they wanted to make sure everyone had the time of their lives. And the thing I remember most about their wedding? How much stinkin fun it was. Honestly, Mac's cheeks were sore (and extra rosy) from smiling so much.

Jackie is hilarious, sarcastic and super quick. Darrin is likely the most well spoken groom that has ever been. He is also hilarious. And together this couple was a dream to shoot. They were able to be themselves completely for the entire day and laughed SO much. Nothing better then a bride and groom who genuinely enjoy every part of their wedding day.


A massive thank you to the always amazing Jenna Smith of Revel Events. We LOVE getting to work with her! Always so much fun!

Amelia + Andrew

Amelia and I went to school together for 8 years and graduated (if you can believe it) 9 YEARS ago! Fun facts about Amelia:

-She always always had perfect hair. No friz. No flyaways. Just consistent perfection.

-She played flute in band (and ROCKED it).

-She had a broken treadmill in her bedroom. She still has that treadmill. It’s still broken.

Amelia was one of those people I wish I could have kept in better touch with after high school, so when she contacted us to film her wedding we said “YES!” right away.

Then I met Andrew. This sealed the deal. He was funny, relaxed and smiles all the time. He was also clearly crazy about Amelia, which made me like him extra J

When we met with Andrew and Amelia we quickly got really excited about their wedding. The backdrop was the incredible Furry Creek Golf Club in Squamish - amazing views everywhere you look. We knew we wanted to be able to shoot the surrounding area, which was only really accessible by golf cart. So we tagged along with Andrew as he golfed with some friends in the morning. This also really allowed us to capture Andrew at his most relaxed which is always a huge plus and makes a big difference in the film.

The entire wedding day was full of fun and emotion, and we felt that this was best summed up in Amelia and Andrew’s personal vows. We don't want to give too much away… so maybe you should just check out the film.


We always get SO excited when we are fortunate enough to work along side Shari + Mike... the incredible photographer duo. They're the raddest!

Lindsey + Morgan

Mac and Morgan have been friends forEVER. I’m pretty sure the first time I saw Morgan was in a picture of him and Mac at 2 and 3 years old leaning naked over the side of a bathtub. They go WAY back. Even further than that. Mac and Morgan’s moms were/are BFFS from their high school days! Needless to say, this wedding was quite important to us. When I came into the picture Morgan was solo. (Well, as far as I knew. Linds was living in Toronto at the time.) But I remember when I first met Lindsey. I keep saying to everyone – this girl reminds me SO much of ME at her age! Which looking back now makes me look like I was just stealing compliments for myself. That being said, this chick is AWESOME! ☺ (hehe!) No for real. Super funny. Loves Disneyland (so right away I knew we could be friends). Laughs loud. Doesn’t take herself too seriously and is incredibly smart and motivated.

OK Mac’s turn…

Lindsey and Mo’s story started way back when we were all in high school on a band trip to Disneyland. I remember seeing these two hanging out at almost every waking moment. Morgan is one of the happiest people on the planet, but if you can believe it he was even happier with Lindsey. After they had been dating for a while, Lindsey had to move to Toronto with her family. Not long after she moved, Morgan came by my house to drop something off. I asked him how he was doing and he told me it sucked that a relationship he didn’t want to end, had to. I had never seen Morgan so down. Fortunately, their story has a happy ending.

The wedding day was full of reminiscing about how far Lindsey and Morgan have come and how God had this planned for them all along. As Erin mentioned, I’ve known Morgan since before I can remember. We grew up together and he was like a brother to me. I have so many amazing memories with him and I can’t wait to make more with him and his Mrs. We feel so blessed to know these two and to have been able to create their film. We hope you enjoy it.

PS. We had the BEST time working alongside Kelly Swanson Photography! Also, the always amazing Kim from Wedding Design Studio did an incredible job on the decor and flowers!

Emma + Aaron

From the moment Emma and Aaron sat down with us at our first meeting we knew their film would be special. The way they talked about each other made it evident how deeply they loved each other. Their passion for each other and for life was so infectious. Mac and Aaron had a (way too deep in my opinion) discussion about indie music, and talking with Emma about her exciting modeling career, I found myself wishing I had given it a try back when I wasn’t past my prime. Mac and I left the meeting with plans to one day travel to New York City (where they now live) to visit them after the wedding. We never shared these plans with them – surprise! Emma and Aaron are passionate. They are passionate about each other, their loved ones, their dreams and for the little things in life. While living their life in the fast lane in a tiny (but adorable) apartment in New York City, they truly value the little things, like having breakfast for dinner, going for walks in the rain and get excited when they find an extra box of cereal in the pantry when they thought they were out ☺

Their wedding day reflected their passions and personalities to the core. Their loved ones were involved in so many areas – some performed (the most beautiful rendition we’ve ever heard of) “How He Loves” by David Crowder Band at the ceremony, some put together a hilarious “Gangnam-style” parody video for the reception (affectionately called “Emma-Aaron Style” and included performances from friends, parents and even grandparents!) Emma and Aaron love. And they are loved. The wedding was illuminated by hundreds of candles held by each guest to represent that love.

We hope you enjoy their film.


*As seen in WedLuxe

PS... As always we had an absolute blast working with Jamie Delaine Photography and the always incredible Filosophi Events. Dream Team.

Amrit + Gurp

Some may think that the only way to have a personal and intimate wedding is to have extremely emotional vows, invite only 20 loved ones, and hold the ceremony in a location in the middle of nowhere. While that would definitely be a great event, it is not the only way, and we believe in that now more than ever. This past week we had the honour and privilege of filming 4 days of Amrit + Gurp's wedding and celebrations. This was without a doubt one of the most intimate weddings we've ever been to and there were over 1000 people who attended. Yup… three zeros. It may seem impossible to have an intimate wedding with that many guests, but let me assure you that every aspect of this wedding was from the heart. There were so many moments of laughing, dancing and cheering, followed by moments when everyone was fighting back tears.

It is rare for us to be able to cover multiple days of a wedding, and this allowed us to learn even more about the couple and their families and loved ones. We were able to witness Amrit and Gurp truly being themselves among the people they've grown up with, and catch glimpses inside of life long friendships and meaningful relationships. We felt so appreciated and welcomed by Amrit and Gurp and their families which made us feel even more comfortable to do what we needed to do to capture the moments we knew we wanted to tell their story.

Amrit and Gurp asked us to put together a next day edit for them to show on the last day of the celebration. We hope you enjoy the film!


This was the first wedding we shot on our new Canon C100s. I'm sure all of the camera nerds that are reading this already know a ton about this camera so I won't add too much to the noise, but let me say that these cameras are incredible tools. Previous to this wedding we shot entirely on Canon 5Ds. While DSLRs are awesome (and we'll definitely hold on to ours), their drawbacks can be restricting, especially in documentary scenarios. Here are the three things we loved most about the the C100s…

1. Ergonomics/Size - The thing just fits in your hand so perfectly. The side handle allows you to have the perfect grip and still have easy access to the controls you use most often. Also this camera is not a whole lot bigger than a 5D with a battery grip. The weight is a bit more noticeable when flying around on a glidecam but other than that it wasn't a problem. Also the swivelling screen is amazing. Just to be able to angle the screen where you need it instead of getting on your belly for low shots or straining to see when shooting above your head. Oooh man, it's great.

2. Dynamic Range: We shot this wedding with the Wide DR profile and it was SO nice to not have the sky blown out while shooting outdoors. The footage was also fantastic to grade in post.

3. ND Filters: Gone are the days of franticly screwing on an ND filter to the end of your lens. It allows us to be so much quicker, especially when switching between indoor and outdoor scenes.

Now there are also many more features like peaking, waveforms, onboard XLR inputs etc., that are fantastic. My only wish is that the sensor was full frame but it's definitely not a deal breaker. We are extremely pleased with the switch to these cameras and we feel that we'll be able to use these tools to be more effective storytellers. These are after all just tools. It's the story that matters.

Julia + Will

Last summer was CRAY-ZAY. SO many incredible couples. SO many stunning locations. One of our faves - Julia + Will. I love it when we get to hear about the history of a couple's relationship and tie it into their film. Julia and Will have history. They met when they were teens and have been together for over 10 years! Thanks to these 10 years, their speeches were full of super interesting and super sweet stories, memories and inside jokes :)

Favorite thing I learned about Julia: She keeps a swiffer duster in her car and dusts at red lights. (I think of this EVERY time I get in my car but NEVER remember to buy an extra swiffer!)

Favorite thing I learned about Will: His last name is Pickles! Best. Ever.

Another favorite: the wedding favours were 'Pickle' shaped cookies dressed up as a bride and groom - Awwwww!

Watch and enjoy!


PS A huge shout out to Alicia Keats for her exceptional planning/coordinating on this wedding. Had an awesome time working with her!

Tina + Kupa

So you've seen their engagement film, and now it's time for their highlights film! We love it when we're able to spend so much quality time with couples before their wedding. It truly helps us connect with them which in turn helps us better tell their story. Tina and Kupa were married just before Christmas in the beautiful (and absolutely freezing) Agassiz BC. Guests flew in from all over the world to see this incredible couple get married. The day was full of stunning beauty, emotion, culture, and heart. As the day unfolded we had a plan of how the highlight film was going to go, but one thing we didn't exepect was Tina's brother's speech. It was the perfect verbalization of their journey to the alter and we knew it had to be the dialogue in this film.

We had the pleasure of working with the incredible Nirav Patel and his amazing assistants, Michael Wachniak and Sachin Khona. Thank you fellas for being so much fun! Can't wait to see the photos!