Lindsey + Matt

Weddings in Vancouver are a tricky thing. When 9 months out of the year are filled with seemingly endless rain, it means that most people try to plan it so their wedding falls during those 3 (potentially) rain-free months of summer. For us that means an insanely busy shoot schedule. This year was no exception to the craziness. So many shoots, double the amount of meetings, and quite a bit of travel time. Thank goodness we love what we do and are able to do it together. The season was awesome and we're now entering the recovery season (aka non-stop editing in the dungeon season). Looking back on this ssummer, one wedding that truly stood out to us was Lindsey and Matt’s. A beautiful couple who love school and their cats and who let us into their lives to tell their story. We hope you enjoy their film.

Priscilla + Michael

Thunder Bay Ontario definitely lived up to its name when we went there last month to film Priscilla and Mikes wedding. The day started out majorly stormy but luckily by the time they had their first look the rain let up and the sky looked amazing! (Always a sucker for interesting clouds!) Since Priscilla and Mike live in Winnipeg, we had only met them on Skype prior to the wedding day. We liked them a lot online and were excited to find that they were the exact same in person- a funny, light hearted and easy going couple who were so much fun to be around.

These two love food and friends. They proved this to us right away when they invited us to join them and their bridal party in a 6 or 7 course brunch in the middle of their wedding day! This made us like them EVEN more ;)

The day went from storm, to clear, back to storm, and finally to overcast for their beautiful outdoor Gammondale Farm wedding. Their ceremony was one of my favourites ever as their personalities came out so much in many different yet subtle ways. These two are the best! A perfect pair so in love and so happy in their life together. Watch their film! :)

Janelle + Dustin

Marriage is a blessing. Its exciting. Its an adventure. But it is also hard work, and it is a choice. Janelle and Dustin are an incredibly fun couple who are beyond in love, but they also know how serious of a commitment marriage is and worked really hard at their relationship pre-marriage. It was really amazing to hear their vows, and watching them together – they have something really special. They also chose a very special location for their wedding – Painted Rock Winery in Penticton - this place has some of the most amazing views I’ve seen! Love and beautiful views. That's its. That's all you need for a successful wedding :)

This film is a must see. So see it!


janelle + dustin || i choose you from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

Techy Stuff:

For all you tech heads out there, this is what the film was shot on...

2 Canon C100s 1 5D mkii All Canon L Series Prime Lenses A couple of select shots with the Sony FS700* Manfrotto Monopods and Tripods Glidecam HD2000 Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly

*We were especially honoured to be able to tell this story because Dustin is a filmmaker himself. We talked with him a bunch and gushed over storytelling, gear, and capturing images. One thing that we were thrilled to learn was that Dustin asked a colleague of his to come and setup a Slo-Mo booth at the wedding. What this also meant was having a FS700 on hand for portions of the wedding day. If you're into this stuff, we are sure you spotted the shots in the film. We decided to choose specific moments that we wanted to slow down with purpose to enhance the story. (Although that camera is a ton of fun and it was tempting to shoot everything in slow motion. Luckily we have our iPhones for that!)

Nikki + Rob

Before we meet with couples for our final meeting before the big day, we send them a little questionnaire to fill out so we can find out as much about them and their wedding as we possibly can. Some couples answer only the necessary questions, some write only brief responses, and some give us exactly what we hope for. Nikki and Rob gave us exactly what we hoped for and more! They had so many fantastic and unique things planned that reflected them and their relationship which got us excited to start shaping their story. Buried in the info was one line "Oh, you may want to look out for a tiny Winnie the Poo theme - we're having a poem read and our favours are little jars of honey..." Right away we thought this was the ca-utest 'unofficial theme' and were hoping to be able to incorporate it into the film. Little did we know that this would become the through line of their film. This one poem said more about this couples' relationship than we could ever have hoped to find in any speech.

Nikki and Robs love story is SO cute. So dang cute. Piglet and Pooh cute. We hope you like it.

nikki + rob || us two from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

A enormous thank you to Margot and her team from Petite Pearl Events! We had a blast working with you all! Thanks for being awesome :D

Also this was our second time working with the wonderful duo that is Blush Photography and loved every second! Kristy + Ken you guys are awesome!

Corinne + Adam

When we approach our films, we often look for the strongest elements that will serve the story. But sometimes stories are best told by the couple themselves. Corinne + Adam have a beautiful history and we knew it would be the perfect narrative to their film. These two are passionate, artistic, + laid back and that truly showed at their wedding. Every part of this wedding had Corinne + Adam's stamp on it. From a piñata instead of a wedding cake, to a paint-a-portrait station. Also because of their shared passion for music, they had some of the greatest music I've ever heard at a wedding. Corinne and Adam also decided to forgo a traditional dinner + speech portion of the evening and instead, held the most beautiful and unique ceremony I've ever seen. There was no aisle, there was no minister, just friends and family sitting with them, telling stories and sharing memories. It was truly beautiful. Then the couple stood up and shared their own story.

Oh yeah and they hung out with some Alpacas sooooooo you pretty much can't not watch this film!


corinne + adam || you ready? from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

It was an honour to watch this story unfold. Thank you Corinne + Adam!

Also a huge thank you to the amazing team of vendors...

Venue – Bottega Farm Inn + Studio Day of Coordinator – Filosophi Events Photo - Shari + Mike Makeup – Denise Elliott Hair – Caitlin Merryfield Florals + Decor – Delovely Creative Live Music – Side One DJ – Darren Butler Profound Sound Food – Joy Road Catering Bartender – Tyler from Avenue Bar

Chelsea + Phillip

This post is a little late in coming, but it HAD to be as we loved this couple! Chelsea and Phillip are the raddest people. They have the same childlike interests (straight up toys. Awesome.) and live in their own little world – the two of them and their adorable puppy Sasha. Chelsea and Phillip live in Edmonton, and there are few things I love more than flying domestic – hanging at YVR, no hassle with gear, no passports and still being able to use my cellphone. Its practically stress free! So when Chelsea and Phillip had us out to film their day we were pumped!

We really love that city (…in the summer…) and upon hearing Chelsea and Phillips plans we knew we would love their wedding too. (Late night bubble tea? Done.) Also The Art Gallery of Alberta was probably the most unique venue we’ve ever shot in – and I mean unique in the coolest way possible. It truly was the perfect reflection of Chelsea and Phil. Check out the film below! - Erin

chelsea + phillip || like christmas from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

PS We also got to shoot with David Guenther which we were pretty excited about (this guy is goooood!) Thanks for being awesome David!!!

Jamie + Randy

Jamie and I used to be neighbours! Our families lived about 5 houses (and a catwalk) away from each other for years but we never really knew each other. Once Mac and I joined the wedding industry however, Jamie became a big part of our lives. She shared so much knowledge and experience with us and really helped us to get started (we owe her forEVER!). Around that time, Jamie and I started taking advantage of our close proximity to each other and began going on walks together. On one such walk, Jamie agreed to shoot our wedding for us. And on that same walk, we agreed that one day, when she gets married, we would film hers. Since that day Maclean and I have been excitedly waiting for the day that Jamie would require our services :) Then one day we got a text asking our availability on some dates... because her and this phantom boyfriend 'Randy' (whom we had not yet met) were getting married!!! (but they weren't engaged yet and nobody knew so we had to keep it a secret - AHHHH!)

Then one day we got a call from this 'Randy'. He asked us if we would film his proposal to Jamie (but she had no idea so we had to keep it a secret - AHHHH!) This was so exciting for us and we finally got to get to know 'Randy' - and he was the BEST.  He's funny, creative, incredibly skilled at building things and has a giant heart. Not that our opinion matters at all, but we give Randy 2 thumbs up and a super high-five.

Finally the day arrived. Jamie and Randy's wedding day. If you know Jamie at all, you would expect her wedding to be completely perfect. Yes, Jamie's wedding was perfect. Jamie looked perfect. The decor was perfect. The schedule was perfect. The weather was even (close to) perfect. This was not a surprise in the least. What was a surprise was how much we got to see into Jamie and Randy's relationship through their incredible vows. I am a sucker for vows. I tend to unintentionally 'suggest' to couples that personal vows would be a good idea. The BEST idea. The ONLY IDEA! No need with Jamie and Randy - these vows - like everything else that day - were perfect. Look, listen and see for yourself!

Congratulations Jamie and Randy we are beyond happy for the two of you :)

jamie + randy || what a year it's been from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.


PS. You gotta check out the incredible photography by Lydia Jane!!! We had a blast working with her! :)

About our About Video

You can plan as much as you want, but things never turn out the way you think they will. Welcome to the creation of our ‘about us’ video. We have shot (obviously) our fair share of films in our day, however, filming yourself is an entirely different story. Planning the shot list, the content, what you want to say verbally and visually, scouting locations and then ‘performing’ (for lack of a better word) in front of the camera – oh gosh! I was surprised how much extra… anxiety(?) those few extra steps added.

We had planned what we wanted to say and how we wanted to shoot the film a while back and had locations in mind before hand so we were good to go right? Not right. The few days we had reserved to shoot this film ended up being freezing and super foggy. I thought – well this is so great compared to the 90% chance of rain we usually face in Vancouver! Is it Erin? Is it? The beautiful scenery we had planned to shoot near was gone. My hair became MASSIVE. And due to the cold, Macs (adorable) rosy cheeks worked overtime (he does not like them while I love them so much - they are half the reason I married him!)

Ok, well we’re used to filming live events and thus used to the unpredictable, we’ll just go with the flow! The ‘flow’ led us to a beautiful ocean view… with the ever-flattering high noon sun. We are patient people, we will wait this out. A few hours later, prime lighting. We set up the camera, the audio, I managed to tame my enormous hair “3-2-1…” cue giant flock of crows. Wait… “Ok, 3-2-1…” shoot, TRAIN! Wait some more… “3-2-1..” the crows got into a fight with an eagle. Are you KIDDING?! ….Finally silence. “3-2-1…” and sun behind a cloud. We just started laughing. Seriously? What can you do?!

We are so proud of how this film turned out, and looking at it now you would never know the journey it took to make. We hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of who we are.


Hello from Hello Tomorrow from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

Our New Internet Home

It's really amazing how much things change. Time goes on and each day feels exactly like the day before. You work every day at the same tasks, often thankless tasks that produce little if any instant gratification. You don't really notice how much time has gone by until all of a sudden, in a flash! - you wake up and realize how long its been, and how far you've come. You wake up and it's the same as any other day, but it's a different day. That is what the completion of this new website has been for us.

We realized that through doing the ‘same’ thing every day for 8 years, we have come to do something completely different. By challenging ourselves to make every wedding as unique and personal to each couple as we can, we have been able to tell countless stories in countless many ways. We have strived to continually raise the level of our work while not losing what it is that makes us unique, not losing what makes us Hello Tomorrow.

It's not always the big things that produce the drastic results. It's the little things that you do everyday that create the biggest and greatest change. I have a new appreciation for the little things :)

We have been creating wedding films for 8 years now (how on earth has it been 8 years?!) For 8 years we have done the same work, but all of a sudden - FLASH! It's a different work. Have a look for yourself!


apple display website screenshot


We hope you enjoy perusing the new site! Be sure to watch our new about video! It's been years in the making and we're so excited to share it. We'll be sure to share a more detailed post on the video really soon.

This website has been a mountain of work and we have to send a special thank you to everyone who helped us out:

First off, the always INcredible Heather Hastings. She's our go-to designer and she's amazing! She spent countless hours designing and perfecting the look of the site to best reflect us and we couldn't be happier. Heather you're the best!

Now you all know we are huge fans of our friends Shari + Mike, so it was a no brainer to ask then to take our new promotional photos. We are beyond thrilled with the photos! Check out their blog post for a few more!

Also a large portion of the coding wizardry was done by the brilliant Duane Cilliers! Thank you so much for all of your help Duane!