Candice-May + Christopher || Between The Ocean & The Sky

For Maclean's birthday this year, we decided to go up the sea-to-sky gondola for the first time! This place is a must. see. A MUST SEE! Words cannot describe this view! Having spent my entire life driving the highway to Whistler, I had NO idea what I wasn't seeing! We invited some of our good friendsto come with us along with us - Shari and Mike Photographers and Jenna from Revel events (and Erica from Filosophi) and had SO much fun! Oh wait a second, my bad. Candice May and Chris invited all of us to come up because it was their wedding!

Either way this place blew my mind. Blew it right out of my head. And if you add to this view a gorgeous couple with a beautiful love story you get - one of my favorite wedding films yet. 

So happy birthday Maclean! Even though we were technically 'working', we got to witness something beautiful, create something amazing AND spend it with some of our favorite peeps. Pretty solid day.

Kate + Scott || Our Adventures

As our first wedding of 2016 and our first elopement ever, this wedding really raised our expectations for the rest of the season! 

Kate and Scott chose to elope, to put it in Kate’s words, “because I’m the most awkward person ever”. A statement which later proved to be completely false . She was only a little bit awkward – more just super goofy and hilarious. Either way, eloping felt like the perfect fit for these two. We had so much fun shooting at the beach and in the forest and getting to play with Kate and Scott’s ginormous and super friendly dogs (it took me a little while to stop being terrified by the sheer size of these things, but they did turn out to be the most lovely dogs). 

Kate + Scott are all about adventure, and now they are about to start a new one. We hope you enjoy the film.

PS We are so excited to be heading out on the road in a couple weeks down to California. We've got quite the adventure lined up. Follow along with us on Instagram

Pamy + Jake || You Know What? I'm Gonna Do it

If it wasn’t already obvious by my indistinguishable European-mashup of a name, the fact that I live my life void of any real discernible style or flair, combined with the absense of any accent – I am Canadian. 

No, like seriously Canadian. 

Not only was I, my parents and both sets of grandparents born and raised here, but when I ask my Grandma where her family was originally from she says ‘Canada’. Every. Single. Time.

“No, for real Grandma, they had to come from somewhere! What are we?!”

… “We’re Canadian!”  

“No, you know what I-” 


So there you have it. I love being Canadian, but its all I know! Which is probably why I am so fascinated by other peoples cultures. 

Lets be honest here everyone, - of all the cultures I’m pretty sure Canada has the LEAST number of traditions. Especially in weddings. What do we have… Cake cutting, bouquet toss aaaand garter toss (which is weird right? Where did that one come from!) And that's… it?

Now look at Indian wedding traditions. Can they be counted? Not by me. I will guess there are a thousand. 

Combine Indian traditions with our (3-ish) traditions and you get SUCH a fun wedding! I LOVE fusion weddings (that's what people tell me they are called) and in theory, I would like to have one! - Except I’m already married, and to another plain ‘Canadian’ (who I love so very much – Hi Mac!)

Pamy and Jake's wedding was no exception to the fusion-fun rule. And can I just say, the quality of the guests at this wedding was off the charts. Everyone was beyond lovely to Mac and I and we truly felt like guests with cameras. 



Photographer: Our amazing friend Sachin Khona! Such a wizard behind the camera. We had an absolute blast getting to work with him as usual!

Venue: Bodega Ridge - This was our first wedding at Bodega and it blew us away. Can't wait to go back! Oh BC how we love you.

Disneyland in 4k || Shot + Edited with the iPhone 6s

It's that time of year again! Our busy season of shooting weddings is behind us and so Erin and I took a quick trip to Disneyland to relax and have some fun. I recently picked up an iPhone 6s (as I am a shameless tech geek) and we thought since the camera has had a major upgrade that we should do a repeat of last year and test it out in Disneyland! I honestly think it's one of the best places to test a camera given all the different settings/lighting situations. Plus you have tons of fun in the process! 

Unlike last year, this time we decided to shoot AND edit the film on the iPhone. It's so crazy that you can capture 4k video, edit it, and colour it all without removing the footage from the device or going through a computer. If I told my 8 year old self that one day you'd have a device that could do all of this and it fits in your pocket, I'm pretty sure I'd poop my pants. 

The whole film was shot using the Filmic Pro app. I had never used this app until our trip and I have to say... it took a bit to get used to. The most recent update seemed to be pretty buggy (I needed to re-install the app like 5 times to get it to configure footage), but in the end it worked great. The main reason we shot with this app is so we could use the 2.39:1 ratio and to shoot in 24fps (which the default camera app does not allow). Filmic Pro also gave us the benefit of shooting some 4k time-lapse footage which was perfect for low light scenarios. The whole film was shot handheld with the exception of the static/time-lapse shots which we used a little pocket gorilla-pod. 

The editing was done in iMovie for iOS. At first I was pretty hesitant to use this app for the film. The learning curve wasn't very steep but I'm pretty set in my ways when it comes to my editing workflow. But when it comes to straight forward editing to a song, iMovie works a treat. We also used Chromic to add a little colour touch up.

All in all this film was super fun to shoot and we hope you enjoy the film and some Disneyland goodness!

A huge thank you to Jonny Dylan Hughes for letting us use his incredible song “Riches & Honour” from his instrumental project Branches for this film. Buy the track here!


Allie + Dave || Life Defining Love

Its OctOBER?! How did THAT happen?! Whats happening to time?! Remember when you were a kid and you were given mandatory ‘quiet time’ and had to play in your room for an hour? And that hour took forrrrrevvvverrrr? Now it seems an hour isn’t enough time to do anything! It certainly isn’t long enough for a decent ‘quiet time’…  

So summer happened. And it was solid - not only did we hit the jackpot with our couples this year, but we worked with some seriously fun vendors! Over the past 9 years, I’ve fallen hard for quite a few of my vendor-friends and let me tell you, working with amazing and super fun vendors can take a wedding day from ‘Wow! That was such a nice day!’ to ‘OMG THAT DAY WAS THE BEEEEST!!!’ And one wedding that was "THE BEEEEST’ was Allie and Dave's!

We first met Allie when she was a bridesmaid at Claire + David’s wedding last year and we were so excited when her and Dave (not Claire's Dave) reached out to us about creating their film! 

We touched base with Allie + Dave last year over a skype call but we didn't get as much time to talk as we would've liked as they are both Doctors (almost) and have seriously crazy schedules. How they planned a wedding through it all I'll never know ;) We didn't really get to sit down with them and get to know them until a few days before the wedding. Luckily, we hit it off immediately because they're so relaxed and easy going. All day we kept saying to eachother that we felt like guests watching our friends get married and we just happened to have cameras. The best!

It's always a pleasure to work alongside such talented vendors. This wedding was seriously stacked. Check out these amazing people...

Event Planners: Filosophi

Photography: Shari + Mike

Venue: North Arm Farm

Band: Side One

Catering: Savoury Chef

Officiant: Modern Celebrant

Guestbook Photography Booth: Adam + Kev

Decor: Delovely Creative

Hair + Makeup: Nadia Albano

Diana + Kerry || Pinky Swear

You ever meet someone and after like a half hour you forget you haven’t been best friends with them your entire life?! Me either. Until we met Diana and Kerry. We sort of fell in love with them at our very first meeting and since then basically had a countdown calendar on our wall just waiting for their wedding to come. 

Well the day came! Remember hearing about that insane storm in Vancouver in August? Yup –it was that day. Crazy wind, torrential rain – Kerry didn’t care – he went swimming. Power and hydro out in Diana’s house – she didn’t care - she didn't stop smiling for one second and just… held it till the ceremony ;)

I have never experienced a wedding with more rain. Oh I forgot, also it was mostly outside. I have also never experienced a bride and groom who were LESS worried about it than Diana and Kerry. They just wanted to be with their friends and family – they just wanted to be married! Them being ok with the storm made everyone else ok with it and so the wedding was just as awesome and fun underwater as it would have been in the sun :)

I knew we fell in love with them for a reason – they’re the BEST! 

As always we had an incredible time shooting with our friends Shari + Mike who are amazing! We also had the pleasure of working with The Man About Town who had the dance floor going until we were kicked out. A truly awesome weekend.

Jessica + Christopher || Be Gentle With My Heart

About a year ago we had the privilege of filming Chris’ elaborately planned proposal to Jess - and by elaborately I mean CAPSLOCK OMG!!! He set the bar reeeeeal high.


            Thanks a ton!

            Yours truly,

- All boyfriends of girlfriends who have watched your proposal and now have impossibly high expectations                                                                                                                                    

Click here to see what we mean.

Ever since, we have been so excited to film their wedding! And it didn’t disappoint. These two are so much fun, kind, creative, and impossibly organized (thank you again Jess for all the spreadsheets and diagrams – there are few things in life I love more than a good spreadsheet!)

I feel a little bit sad that after having these two in our thoughts and on our calendar for so long that it’s over! They’re married now. And I’m so happy for them! But maybe… an elaborate vow renewal is in your future? Chris? We’ll keep in touch ;) 

We loved working alongside the absolutely awesome Jeff + Cat of The Apartment Photography! Can't wait to work with you two again! 

Jacquie + David || No Turning Back

Going into any wedding, you have your own idea of how you think it will go. You see the day mapped out in your head and from that you anticipate what will happen – how the day will unfold, what parts you think will be unique, important, fun or even tricky to shoot. Sometimes you go into a wedding thinking it may be difficult logistically, or maybe you’re worried because there are a lot of variables you can’t pin down. Other times you go into it be-yond stoked because everything looks perfect on paper and you love your couple and its going to be the best day ever. 

But you can never know for sure. We are constantly surprised. 

Sometimes when you think its going be really tricky it ends up being the smoothest day and the couple says a thousand awesome things and the light is good and your table has a bread basket (that is actually how I judge the quality of any wedding).

Other times when you think its going to be a flawless day, nothing goes quite right. You have to make concessions on just about everything and guests constantly ask you to take their picture during cocktail hour (“it's a VIDEO camera” you say, but they don’t hear you. They pose anyway and sometimes you just give up and pretend you took a photo).

And sometimes you’re right. Sometimes – very rarely – the day turns out exactly the way you thought it would. This was one of those times. Jacquie and Dave’s wedding had all the makings of being incredible – and it delivered.

The location was stunning. The couple was perfect. The plan of using the cards and groomsman speech to help tell the story worked out as we’d hoped. No one asked me to take their photo at cocktail hour. And I got my bread. 


Michelle + Michael || Home

Sooooooooo.... you notice anything new around here...? We've got ourselves a shiny new blog! Nice eh? We dig it. For a while now we've been wanting to create something a little more stripped down. A more simple place where we feel comfortable to post both personal escapades along with our latest work. It took longer than it should have (switching platforms is tricky), but it's finally here and we are extremely happy.

With that out of the way, we wanted to share a new film with you!

This summer has been incredible so far and we still have a ways to go. But at the beginning of the season we had the great pleasure of flying out to Calgary to film Michelle + Michael's wedding. These two are awesome. Seriously. Michael is a professional Hockey player in the NHL (Arizona Coyotes) and Michelle does amazing work with the team’s charities. Also, Michelle is tall like Erin, so Erin liked her extra ;)

When we Skyped with them last year, we instantly noticed their laid back attitudes and kind personalities. We were also pretty impressed with how much traveling they do! They're constantly on the go from home in Arizona, travelling to see family, and often in a new city every couple of days during the NHL season. How?!?! Its so much time away from home! But these two make it work because their "Home" is not a house or a city, but really is whenever and wherever they are together : )

We knew that we wanted this to be part of the story for their film. Take a look!

Juelie + Andre

Many speeches given at weddings tend to focus on either inside jokes between the speech giver and the bride or groom, or be more of a list of adjectives that describe the bride or groom. This is nice! And I know I love hearing how great I am in a carefully selected string of descriptive words - but I realized that its sort of rare to be able to hear the story of a couple and how they met from attending their wedding! If it wasn’t obvious until now, Maclean and I are big fat fans of ‘story’ (have we said that before?) So we were super jazzed (yes, jazzed) to be able to hear Juelie (Joo-elle-ee) and Andre (Dre)’s story through many different people while at their wedding. And their story is funny! Which makes sense because these two are hi-LARIOUS. Each time we met with them Mac and I would laugh our pants off! I asked Mac after our final meeting before their wedding “Can I just film Juelies face the entire day? Cause she’s TOO funny! I don’t wanna miss anything she says!” (We later decided that maybe we should film other things as well, but that it was a good idea).

Moral of the story (see what I did there?) - its fun to be able to tell a story of a story! Does that make sense? It will – watch it and see!

juelie + andre || my camp crush from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

PS A HUGE thank you to Jarusha Brown for not only being an incredible photographer, but also a flat out awesome human. Check out her work!