We're Maclean + Erin. We're married.

We love music, Christmas, and good stories. You know those weird people who like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter too much? Yeah that's us. We've been together for 11 years and it keeps getting better everyday. To us, a good story is much more than pretty images - it's about people, journeys, and heart. We love getting to know people before we tell their stories, but we also think you should get to know us!


I'm Maclean but you can call me Mac.
Jesus is my homeboy.
I like movies.
I play drums.
I listen to too many podcasts.
Skateboarding is fun.
I have a shoe problem.
I'm a firm believer that I married way out of my league.
Positivity enthusiast.
Pizza. All day. Erryday.
I still believe in Santa Claus.


I’m Erin.
I love emoticons and use capslock WAY too much.
I’m very tall. 
I don’t like to workout but I love buying workout dvds. 
Big fat fan of Disneyland.
I love my family. 
I think my husband is THE MOST funny. 
I love rainy days, but my hair does not.
I really want to love cooking.
To whoever invented Pinterest… Slow. Clap.