We're Maclean + Erin. We're married.

We love music, Christmas, and good stories. To us, a good story is much more than pretty images - it's about people, journeys, and heart. We love getting to know people before we tell their stories, but we also think you should get to know us!


I'm Maclean but you can call me Mac. I'm the kind of person who thinks Lord of the Rings is awesome and that Santa Claus exists. If I'm not at the movies or skateboarding you can usually find me playing the drums or shooting photos. I firmly believe that I married way out of my league so please don't tell Erin that she could do better. I'm a little obsessed with late night talk shows aaaaand pizza.



I’m Erin.
I love emoticons and use capslock WAY too much.
I’m very tall. 
I don’t like to workout but I love buying workout dvds. 
Big fat fan of Disneyland.
I love my family. 
I think my husband is THE MOST funny. 
I love rainy days, but my hair does not.
I really want to love cooking.
To whoever invented Pinterest… Slow. Clap.


Want to learn a little more about us? Check out our film "Hello from Hello Tomorrow"