Sharon + Anthony || Be Mine Forever

This was probably the most fun we've ever had at a wedding. Sharon and Anthony are two incredible people who love to enjoy life and that's exactly what happened on their wedding day. Often times when creating a wedding film, we look for heartfelt personal vows to help tell the story. Sometimes we use a speech or two from the reception. While putting this film together I had such a hard time trying to decide which to use. Sharon and Anthony's vows were so beautiful and heartfelt and all of the speeches throughout the reception were so amazing and thoughtful. The entire wedding day had so much heart and laughter and it was infectious. At the reception there was so much dancing. The wedding party danced to "Party Rock Anthem" as they arrived at the reception, people danced in lieu of tinkling glasses to see the couple kiss and there was even a flash mob. Yeah… a flash mob! So awesome!

We had an incredible day and loved creating Sharon and Anthony's highlight film. Check it out below! Be sure to watch to the very end to see a special something from Anthony's nephew.

We loved working with the photographers Rina and Anton of Infused Studios out of Edmonton. Check out their site!