jenny + ed || you were worth the wait

SUCH a beautiful wedding! Even though this couple both live in New York, somehow they were able to put together this event perfectly from abroad. Jenny and Ed were married at Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver and had their reception at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in the BIG ballroom - the Beauty-and-the-Beast looking ballroom. Gorgeous. My favourite part about this wedding was that the couple had a traditional Korean ceremony as well. This was brand new to us and really cool to see! Jenny and Ed disappeared during cocktail hour to change for this event and they seemed to be gone forever! - when you see the video you will see why - they had to put on these enormous costumes! So fun!

Aside from all the beauty and fun, there was a lot of emotion at this wedding as Jenny's father had recently passed away. It is so sad to me when a brides father cannot be with her on her wedding day, but it also makes me so unbelievably happy for her that she has found the man of her dreams and is going to be with him for the rest of her life! You could really tell- Ed LOVES Jenny and Jenny LOVES Ed. And now they are married. A very happy ending.

We had such a good time working with the gang at Blue Olive Photography! Can't wait to see their photos!