Meg Courtney || Photographer

Meg Courtney aka “The (self proclaimed) Girl in the Teal Pants” – I think this could stick! Lets go with it. This girl is organized, adorable, super sweet, and a really excellent car dancer. She is a photographer from Kelowna who came all the way out to Vancouver to have us shoot her promo - only to have to reschedule a bunch of times due to our famous weather. Rain.

Once we nailed down a dry day, this shoot was an absolute breeze. Meg came to us with an incredibly well thought out plan and vision of what she wanted - so Mac and I got to have some fun making shot lists! It’s very rare that we get to plan out our shots ahead of time! We were quite excited.

The plan for the very last shot was that Meg and her husband Scott were going to run into the ocean. Solid plan. In Kelowna maybe… But here? In early May? On a windy day? It was FREEZING!! I could barely press record on my camera my hands were so cold! But they were committed – even without towels or changes of clothes - they ran out there like troopers. I was very impressed.

Check out this girl’s site – she’s great at what she does and is so much fun to work with!

meg courntey || photographer from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.