Adrianne + Andrew

Andrew is my little brother, and Adrianne is my new sister in law, and this wedding was one of the happiest days ever! Andrew (or Drew, Drewfus, Droopy, Droops or Droop-a-loop as I also call him) is one of my favorite brothers (I have 2…). He is an engineer who loooves to talk about engineer-y things, and Adrianne is the worlds most polite listener.They started dating while Drew was still in university… in Alberta… and Adrianne was in university here. For 3 years they did this long distance thing and now they are finally married and living in the same province for the first time in their relationship! (Unfortunately for us, they live in Alberta… for now…).

Adrianne looked absolutely stunning, and being the selfless bride that she was let us bridesmaids wear dresses that we actually WILL wear again! I don’t know where to start on things I loved about this wedding as my list will never end, but my favorite thing was that Adrianne had her bouquet divided into 3 parts and at the end of the reception she gave them away to her three grandma’s to say thank you… SO SWEET!

Their wedding was one of the best ever, but as Maclean was a groomsman and I was a prestigious Matron of Honor, we couldn’t film their day… but we could edit it! So thank you to Andrew Noon and Nathan Rogers of Clear Horizon Productions for capturing their day for us (we got all your secret video notes and loved them p.s.) – you did a wonderful job!

Adrianne and Andrew are one of the most wonderful couples I know. They are hardworking, funny and generous people and two of Maclean’s and my very best friends. We love you both so much and had the time of our lives going through the footage and re-living your day. Congratulations brother and sister-in-law, we couldn’t be happier for you two!


adrianne + andrew || can't wait to start our life from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.