Alicia + Kjartan || Call My Arms Home

Alicia and I go waaaay back. We're talking all the way to middle school and high school. We weren't in the same class, but over all these years we've kept in touch with each other here and there through friends and on Facebook. A little over a year ago Alicia contacted us to let us know that her and Kjartan had gotten engaged and that they wanted us to create their wedding film. We were beyond excited and flattered as we were one of the very first things they had on their planning to-do list. We placed a big star on our calendar for their wedding date and we were eagerly anticipating the day.

Unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances, Alicia and Kjartan needed to change their wedding date to the day following the day they had originally booked and it turned out we weren't available (WORST!). BUT, Alicia and I were determined to find a solution to still be able to create the wedding film so we decided to give my good pal Andrew of Clear Horizon Productions a call (Andrew actually filmed Erin and I's wedding video way back). We were so happy to hear that he was available to film the wedding on our behalf and that we'd still be able to edit the film.

Editing footage that we had no part in capturing was a very new/strange experience for us. It was really eye opening to view the wedding through another shooters eyes and we learned a lot. As we began editing it became instantly clear to us that this filmed needed to be centred around Alicia and Kjartan's vows. They were so moving and said so much about themselves and their story. Check out their film below to see for yourself…

alicia + kjartan || call my arms home from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.