Ashley + Raju

When we first met up with Ashley and Raju, we instantly bonded over our love of all things Lord of the Rings. If you know anything about Erin and I, it's that we LOVE Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Like in a preeeetty geeky way (don't judge). We felt like we found our geek soul mates, and indeed we did. (Erin: I would like to add that Ashley watched LOTR 2, what was it Ashley, 10 times in theatres? Ah-MAY-zing!) After that meeting Erin and I began counting down the days to the wedding. We knew it was going to be a blast! Raju and I actually attended the same high school. We were a few years apart so I didn't know him all that well, but whenever we crossed paths he was always extremely fun and kind. Little did I know that years later I'd get to film his wedding and watch him marry the love of his life. When these two are together, they light up. They simply belong together. They're not only in love, but best friends.

ASHLEY! If ever there was a white girl born to have an Indian wedding - it was this girl. She is not only a WEALTH of information on all the traditions, she loves all the food, rocks all of the clothes and knows all the songs (especially if they were ever featured in a Bollywood Musical). Filming Ashely and Raj's day really felt like being with friends. We enjoyed every moment and will likely never experience a more incredible dance party as long as we live.

We were so thrilled to be able to work alongside our pals Shari and Mike who were the genius photographers for the wedding. Can't wait to see more of their photos! Also a huge thank you to Margeux from Filosophi for making the run oh so smooth.