Kim + Grant

Ever seen two people so clearly in their own world and so in love that you sorta feel like you’re eves dropping on something? But you don’t wanna leave cause its so stinkin sweet? That is how I felt while creeping behind my camera during Kim + Grant's vows. Oh dear goodness – you HAVE to hear these vows. No, that's not right, you need to experience these vows. I’ve never heard anything like them and feel so blessed to have been a part of this day. This couple started dating in high school but waited 10 years to be married while suffering through several years of the always horrible ‘long distance’. Wicked long distance. Kim was in LA and Grant was in Boston. Now they are both in Boston and FINALLY together. We are so happy for this amazing couple – salt of the earth these two. Congratulations Kim and Grant J

Fair warning – I cried through most of this ceremony.