About our About Video

You can plan as much as you want, but things never turn out the way you think they will. Welcome to the creation of our ‘about us’ video. We have shot (obviously) our fair share of films in our day, however, filming yourself is an entirely different story. Planning the shot list, the content, what you want to say verbally and visually, scouting locations and then ‘performing’ (for lack of a better word) in front of the camera – oh gosh! I was surprised how much extra… anxiety(?) those few extra steps added.

We had planned what we wanted to say and how we wanted to shoot the film a while back and had locations in mind before hand so we were good to go right? Not right. The few days we had reserved to shoot this film ended up being freezing and super foggy. I thought – well this is so great compared to the 90% chance of rain we usually face in Vancouver! Is it Erin? Is it? The beautiful scenery we had planned to shoot near was gone. My hair became MASSIVE. And due to the cold, Macs (adorable) rosy cheeks worked overtime (he does not like them while I love them so much - they are half the reason I married him!)

Ok, well we’re used to filming live events and thus used to the unpredictable, we’ll just go with the flow! The ‘flow’ led us to a beautiful ocean view… with the ever-flattering high noon sun. We are patient people, we will wait this out. A few hours later, prime lighting. We set up the camera, the audio, I managed to tame my enormous hair “3-2-1…” cue giant flock of crows. Wait… “Ok, 3-2-1…” shoot, TRAIN! Wait some more… “3-2-1..” the crows got into a fight with an eagle. Are you KIDDING?! ….Finally silence. “3-2-1…” and sun behind a cloud. We just started laughing. Seriously? What can you do?!

We are so proud of how this film turned out, and looking at it now you would never know the journey it took to make. We hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of who we are.


Hello from Hello Tomorrow from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.