Nikki + Rob

Before we meet with couples for our final meeting before the big day, we send them a little questionnaire to fill out so we can find out as much about them and their wedding as we possibly can. Some couples answer only the necessary questions, some write only brief responses, and some give us exactly what we hope for. Nikki and Rob gave us exactly what we hoped for and more! They had so many fantastic and unique things planned that reflected them and their relationship which got us excited to start shaping their story. Buried in the info was one line "Oh, you may want to look out for a tiny Winnie the Poo theme - we're having a poem read and our favours are little jars of honey..." Right away we thought this was the ca-utest 'unofficial theme' and were hoping to be able to incorporate it into the film. Little did we know that this would become the through line of their film. This one poem said more about this couples' relationship than we could ever have hoped to find in any speech.

Nikki and Robs love story is SO cute. So dang cute. Piglet and Pooh cute. We hope you like it.

nikki + rob || us two from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

A enormous thank you to Margot and her team from Petite Pearl Events! We had a blast working with you all! Thanks for being awesome :D

Also this was our second time working with the wonderful duo that is Blush Photography and loved every second! Kristy + Ken you guys are awesome!