Brianna + Hussein || All the Feels

You ever meet someone and instantly you're like "Yes. Yes to them!"? That is how Mac and I felt about Brianna and Hussein. And the more we got to know these two the louder the 'Yes's' started being. 

They are two of the greats. So fun. So sweet. SO generous. You can't help but fall in love with them. And the way they love each other? Its impossible not to be over the moon happy for them. I found myself smiling into my monitor for most of the day when shooting (which Mac later informed me makes me look a little dorky... And also stopped me from being aware of my surroundings which is sometimes not the most helpful... whoops!) You can't help it!! They're TOO CUTE!

Side note - things kept... changing during the planning of their wedding (mostly thanks to construction timelines) and I've never seen a bride roll so well with the punches. You'd never know it as the day was completely stunning, but I just wanted to give even more credit to the quality of these two humans. 

When you watch them, they seriously don't see anything but each other which is the dream isn't it? And also adorable. And also the best. 

Congrats #HueBre. We are so so happy for you guys :)

Planner: Epic Events
Photographer: Shari + Mike
Event Design: Cahoots Creative
Decor: Bespoke Decor
Officiant: Michelle of Modern Celebrant
Florals: Celsia Floral