Emotional Vancouver Island Wedding - Kristina + Caleb

Kristina and Caleb are not afraid. They are not afraid to be vulnerable. Not afraid to speak out loud all the feelings they have in their actual beating hearts. Not afraid for people to see inside of them. And they not afraid of (or even aware of) the camera. 

You guys. This. Is. everything. 

After watching the final edit I said to Mac, “I feel like this is the most intimate film we’ve ever made! I feel like I know these two so well and like I’ve been with them their entire relationship. I feel their feels and I’m so invested!” I’ve personally watched it too many times just in my free time. I love it. I love them. 

So prepare yourself to feel. And also prepare your eyeballs because these two are 10/10 mega babes.  

High fives to this amazing team!

Cinematographers - Hello Tomorrow Films

Planner - Laurel Events

Photographer - The Collective You