Iceland Elopement - Eva + Kyle

Iceland is not a place I ever thought I would go. Childhood dreams don’t usually include this island in the far North - known mostly for its buried, rotten and fermented shark ‘delicacy’ (which p.s. I did not try...) But over the years (thank you Instagram), people have been discovering the absolute magic that is Iceland. With a landscape that changes almost as quickly as the weather, this land blew my mind every 5 minutes. After spending a very short time there, it became abundantly clear to us why Eva and Kyle chose this place for their elopement.

Eva and Kyle met on a beer-drinking league in university. (That's a thing?!? Awesome!) And after years of graduate school and jobs that kept them miles apart, they moved to Vancouver together. When we met them, it only took us a few short moments to realize these two are beyond awesome. (Oh - also I think it's important to note that Kyle is a meteorologist and Eva hates jam (What?! Who hates jam?!!)).

Getting to capture their elopement + spend the better part of a week with them while travelling around the insanity that is Iceland is something that will stay at the top of our ‘good times’ list for years to come. A truly unforgettable experience. And did we mention our great friends Shari + Mike were there too? Like I said, this trip was the best!

So please, find the biggest screen you can, turn out the lights, and enjoy this film. 


Michelle + Michael || Home

Sooooooooo.... you notice anything new around here...? We've got ourselves a shiny new blog! Nice eh? We dig it. For a while now we've been wanting to create something a little more stripped down. A more simple place where we feel comfortable to post both personal escapades along with our latest work. It took longer than it should have (switching platforms is tricky), but it's finally here and we are extremely happy.

With that out of the way, we wanted to share a new film with you!

This summer has been incredible so far and we still have a ways to go. But at the beginning of the season we had the great pleasure of flying out to Calgary to film Michelle + Michael's wedding. These two are awesome. Seriously. Michael is a professional Hockey player in the NHL (Arizona Coyotes) and Michelle does amazing work with the team’s charities. Also, Michelle is tall like Erin, so Erin liked her extra ;)

When we Skyped with them last year, we instantly noticed their laid back attitudes and kind personalities. We were also pretty impressed with how much traveling they do! They're constantly on the go from home in Arizona, travelling to see family, and often in a new city every couple of days during the NHL season. How?!?! Its so much time away from home! But these two make it work because their "Home" is not a house or a city, but really is whenever and wherever they are together : )

We knew that we wanted this to be part of the story for their film. Take a look!

Haleigh + Jordan

Mac and I love Palm Springs. You may think you love Palm Springs, but Mac I REALLY looooooove Palm Springs. We go a little too often, but every time is the best time. Its so beautiful! The sharp brown mountains against the clear blue sky and palm trees silhouetted everywhere – its just gorgeous! So when we met with Haleigh and Jordan (who we already knew we loved – not just because Haleigh is Mac’s cousin, but because they are generally just awesome people) and they said they wanted to get married in Palm Springs we said “YES WE’RE AVAILABLE YAAAAAAY!!!!!”

We knew we would love this wedding from the start. Haleigh's vision for the day was "I just want it to feel like a Sunday brunch". This really influenced our approach to the day and in telling the story. We not only wanted to portrait the intimacy of the wedding, but we wanted that feeling to carry throughout the entire story.

So Palm Springs, Haleigh and Jordan, and brunch. Best. Ever. We hope you enjoy the film!   -Erin

As always, if you have any questions or thoughts that you'd like to share, please leave us a comment :)

Priscilla + Michael

Thunder Bay Ontario definitely lived up to its name when we went there last month to film Priscilla and Mikes wedding. The day started out majorly stormy but luckily by the time they had their first look the rain let up and the sky looked amazing! (Always a sucker for interesting clouds!) Since Priscilla and Mike live in Winnipeg, we had only met them on Skype prior to the wedding day. We liked them a lot online and were excited to find that they were the exact same in person- a funny, light hearted and easy going couple who were so much fun to be around.

These two love food and friends. They proved this to us right away when they invited us to join them and their bridal party in a 6 or 7 course brunch in the middle of their wedding day! This made us like them EVEN more ;)

The day went from storm, to clear, back to storm, and finally to overcast for their beautiful outdoor Gammondale Farm wedding. Their ceremony was one of my favourites ever as their personalities came out so much in many different yet subtle ways. These two are the best! A perfect pair so in love and so happy in their life together. Watch their film! :)

iPhone 6 in Disneyland

The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been out for a few weeks now. Like many of you we were eagerly awaiting the announcement so we could upgrade to this shiny new toy. One thing I didn't expect to hear during the Apple keynote was this new slow-motion feature. I thought to myself... "hwhaaaa? 240fps in a iPhone? I'll believe it when I see it". A while ago Erin and I booked our annual fall trip to Disneyland to detox a bit after an amazing/super busy summer. In case you didn't know we're kind of crazy when it comes to Disneyland (yes we are those people). So after we received our new iPhones we thought "what better way to test out this thing than in Disneyland?". So away we went.

Now I could go through a bunch of specs and features about the phone/camera but I'd rather let the film do the talking. Yes it's only 720p and yes 240fps is a bad idea in low light, but it's a flipping phone! We were sincerely stunned at the results while shooting and editing this piece. One thing is for sure, this easily replaces any point and shoot video camera for us. Hands down. Take a look at the film below...

Disneyland at 240fps || iPhone 6 from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

It's pretty amazing that this iPhone, something that is with us wherever we go, allows us to be creative and produce something like this at anytime. To think that millions of people have a device in their pocket that can shoot this kind of footage is mind boggling. It's exciting to see what technology can do in the right hands and we are so curious and excited to see how this technology will improve in the future.

If you have any questions about how the film was put together, feel free to leave a comment below.


Techy Stuff: Filmed entirely on the iPhone 6 (All handheld. No rigs/stabalizers) Edited in Premiere Pro CS6 Graded with Film Convert

A huge thank you to Jonny Dylan Hughes for letting us use his incredible song "Dove" for this film. Check out his band camp here!

Robyn + Joe

I’ve been going to Canmore Alberta since I was a kid. My great grandparents immigrated to Canmore from Italy back in the 1920’s where they raised my Grandpa and his two brothers in this adorable pink and white house. Growing up I can recall being specifically TOLD (on numerous occasions) to ‘look at the mountains!’ on our drives out. I remember always being distinctly irritated at this command as I didn’t much care for scenery and would rather continue to hear about what shenanigans Harry and Ron were getting into back at Hogwarts. I would feign interest and yell out the occasional ‘wow’, ‘that's so amazing’, ‘cool’, simply to appease the parentals. The mountains were cool I guess, but they were just mountains. Whatever. I don’t know what happened to me. Maybe its because I’m older, maybe its because I’m slowly turning into my mom, or maybe its because I’m a cinematographer now who see’s everything in life in ‘shots’ but OH MY GOSH HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THE MOUNTAINS?! Wow! They’re so amazing! They’re so cool! Canmore blew my socks off this time. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and served as the perfect backdrop for Robyn and Joe's wedding.

Robyn and Joe are from Ontario. They love the outdoors, friends + family, cold beer, and having fun. Those 5 things combined EQUAL Canmore! So it's no surprise that they decided on that beautiful city for their wedding.

The first time we spoke with Robyn and Joe was on skype last year where we instantly realized that they were the most laid back people er-ver. They were clearly in love, clearly excited about getting married but mostly excited to spend the rest of their lives together :) They are 2 seriously wonderful people. The best kind of people. We were so excited to get to know them and be a part of their day. You need to see this.


robyn + joe || one hundred & two from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

This was our first wedding working with the amazingly amazing Jarusha Brown Photography. We had a blasty blast working with her and hope to do so a ton more!

It was also our first wedding working with the lovely Callandra of Post Card Weddings + Events and had the greatest time doing so. Thanks so much Callandra for throwing an incredible event!

Chelsea + Phillip

This post is a little late in coming, but it HAD to be as we loved this couple! Chelsea and Phillip are the raddest people. They have the same childlike interests (straight up toys. Awesome.) and live in their own little world – the two of them and their adorable puppy Sasha. Chelsea and Phillip live in Edmonton, and there are few things I love more than flying domestic – hanging at YVR, no hassle with gear, no passports and still being able to use my cellphone. Its practically stress free! So when Chelsea and Phillip had us out to film their day we were pumped!

We really love that city (…in the summer…) and upon hearing Chelsea and Phillips plans we knew we would love their wedding too. (Late night bubble tea? Done.) Also The Art Gallery of Alberta was probably the most unique venue we’ve ever shot in – and I mean unique in the coolest way possible. It truly was the perfect reflection of Chelsea and Phil. Check out the film below! - Erin

chelsea + phillip || like christmas from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

PS We also got to shoot with David Guenther which we were pretty excited about (this guy is goooood!) Thanks for being awesome David!!!

Odd Numbers

I don’t like many odd numbers. I don't know why but I’ve always been that way. In sports when I would get stuck with an odd numbered jersey I would be bummed all season (stupid 21 – I wanted 8!). So when this past year of 2013 rolled around I thought, “well, better power through and make the best of this gross ‘13’ year.” So how surprised was I when this year turned out to be my favorite one ever! Firstly, work this year has been the best. Every single couple we’ve worked with we have loved so so much. THANK YOU EVERY COUPLE WE’VE WORKED WITH THIS PAST YEAR! We have been so honored and blessed to tell your stories and get to know you. One of the weddings we shot even won us the “Best Cinematographer” award from the BC Wedding Awards – whaaaa?! Check it out below! (Thank you Jackie and Darrin! Hope you’re doing well and loving married life. How is your dog?)

Besides all of this, we’ve gotten to do a fair bit of travel – some for work and some for fun. For work, we ended up all the way in Perth Australia where we were able to film the torch-and-teepee wedding (this is what I call it now) of our friends Honni and Matt, while touring the beautiful city and meeting so many wonderful people who we miss so much… (you know who you are). About a month later Mac and I went on our Christmas dream trip for 2 days only… to DISNEYLAND! Oh good grief was this the best time. I will say though, our insane excitement for Christmas and our equally insane love of Disneyland didn’t mesh as well as I had thought. My emotions didn't know what to do – they were so confused! I felt like I should be driving to Palm Desert for vacation afterwards not going home to cold… WELL – now we know! (still crazy fun)

When we did return for Christmas we got to film our dear friend's engagement, went to Tim Hortons a lot (that place makes us so patriotic and their Christmas cups are the best!), had a couple of the best Christmases yet (we oddly both really love our in-laws) and my cousin got engaged to Maclean’s best buddy from childhood – who woulda thought?!

All in all, I have no idea how 2014 is gonna top 2013, but I’m certain it will – 14 is a great number! We have really big plans for this year and lots of changes and we can't wait to share them with you! (No mom, we're not pregnant) AND we're planning to get our health on and utilize my beloved Vitamix a little more. We hope you all have your best new years yet - come on even numbers!


jackie + darrin || like a fun princess from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

Honni + Matt

Meet the Storey's. We've been blessed to know these two for a while now and the more we've gotten to know them, the richer our lives have become. Matt came over to Canada a few years ago for an adventure. Our good friend Jon* knew Matt when he lived in Perth, so when Matt landed in Vancouver, he quickly joined our crew. While exploring the Great White North he was torn about a love that was forming with a girl back home. Enter Honni. These two have been friends for quite some time, they were always together, friends and family always thought they'd be a good match but they weren't quite ready to start dating. A little while later Matt knew he had to return down under. He knew that Honni was the one and he couldn't be away from her any longer. (Awwwww!)

*fun fact: Jon is the husband of our dear friend and graphic designer the incredible Heather Hastings! Check out their wedding film here!

This was a once in a lifetime trip that we'll never forget for two reasons:

Reason #1: The Wedding During the months leading up to the wedding, we heard murmurings from Matt and Honni of what to expect and each day it seemed to be getting more and more epic (I usually don't like using the word epic, but it truly is warranted in this case). From the breathetaking location of Yallingup (a few hours south of Perth), to the reception Tee Pee's, and even a magical forest, we knew this was going to be unforgettable. I don't want to spoil too much so please take a look at their film. You HAVE to watch it. I won't take no for an answer :)

Reason #2: The People We were (and still are) absolutely blown away by the amazing warmth and love that came from both the bride and grooms' close friends and family. We have never felt so welcomed into a group of people so quickly. As cliche as it sounds, the second we landed in Perth we felt like we'd known everyone for years. They welcomed us into their homes, moved out of their bedrooms for us and drove us around town to see all the sites and all their favorite places. If you follow me on instagram then you caught a glimpse into the amazing fun we had. We have a lot more we want to say about the trip and these people but we'll save that for our next blog post :)

We want to say thank you - thank you - thank you to Matt and Honni once again. You two were a dream to film and we truly love you both. Puh-lease come back to Canada soon!



Jamie + David

What any absolutely amazing two weeks we've had. If you don't follow me (Mac) on twitter or instagram, then you might not know that we've spent the last two weeks in Perth WA Australia. We were down there shooting a wedding and extended the trip so we could have a little holiday time to celebrate the end of our crazy season. The wedding was breathtaking, we met some amazing people, ate some incredible food, and we can't wait to share more :) But that will have to wait... We've been so fortunate to be able to travel to some beautiful cities to capture weddings. One that truly stands out to us is Jamie + David's which was held in nearby in Victoria on Vancouver Island. Erin and I haven't been able to spend much time there but when we arrived we saw clearly why Jamie + David decided to hold the wedding Victoria. It's simply beautiful. Jamie and David are from Washington State but currently live in LA. When we first talked with them over Skype we instantly clicked - such a strong and instant connection with this couple. We were curious as to why they decided to hold their wedding in Victoria. They said that being from Washington, the pacific northwest held a special place in there hearts and coupled with their shared love of travel, they just knew that Victoria was the perfect spot. Family travelled from all over to see these two get hitched.

The day before the wedding we met up with Jamie and David for brunch at a rad little restaurant in Victoria called Jam Cafe (a-MA-zing!). We visited for a while, talked about our shared love of good music, and enjoyed great food. After hanging with these two and seeing how relaxed they were together, we knew this wedding was going to be something special. We took note of all these things and knew how important it would be in the telling of their story. Check out the film below to see what we mean…

Jamie and David thank you for allowing us into your lives and for being so warm and welcoming to us! We truly feel like we've been long time friends :) Can't wait to meet up again next time we're in LA!

We had an aboslute blast working with the amazing Ashley and Verlon of Dragonflight Photography! It's always a joy working alongside them. Also this was our first wedding with planner Brianne Makanani and we truly hope it's not the last. She is awesome!