sunrise || test shoot

This morning I woke up before sunrise to go do a little test shooting. We recently acquired a new Canon 135 f2 and so I wanted to go and see what this puppy could do. My alarm went of at 6:15 and I thought, as I do every early morning, that somehow someone played a prank on me and set the alarm too early. After giving myself a minute, I packed up my gear and headed out to crescent beach. I was relieved to see that it was a gorgeous clear day because yesterday I went through this same routine only to discover that it was raining out. Once I arrived at the beach I was surprised to see not a soul was around. I thought for sure there would be some early risers who like to get a jog in before work but nope, not-a-one. This got me pretty excited so I started to shoot. I was armed with a 5D, some primes (35 f1.4, 50 f1.2, 135 f2), a monopod and a slider. I just started walking and taking in the beauty. It was one of the most gorgeous BC mornings I had ever seen. I've lived here for most of my life and I was still astounded by the breathtaking sights. As the sun came out it got quite windy which made it a little tricky to stay perfectly still on the monopod but I got by. The 135 performed beautifully. The bokeh is amazing and I'm really excited to use it during a wedding shoot this weekend. Check out the montage below.