Lindsey + Matt

Weddings in Vancouver are a tricky thing. When 9 months out of the year are filled with seemingly endless rain, it means that most people try to plan it so their wedding falls during those 3 (potentially) rain-free months of summer. For us that means an insanely busy shoot schedule. This year was no exception to the craziness. So many shoots, double the amount of meetings, and quite a bit of travel time. Thank goodness we love what we do and are able to do it together. The season was awesome and we're now entering the recovery season (aka non-stop editing in the dungeon season). Looking back on this ssummer, one wedding that truly stood out to us was Lindsey and Matt’s. A beautiful couple who love school and their cats and who let us into their lives to tell their story. We hope you enjoy their film.

iPhone 6 in Disneyland

The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been out for a few weeks now. Like many of you we were eagerly awaiting the announcement so we could upgrade to this shiny new toy. One thing I didn't expect to hear during the Apple keynote was this new slow-motion feature. I thought to myself... "hwhaaaa? 240fps in a iPhone? I'll believe it when I see it". A while ago Erin and I booked our annual fall trip to Disneyland to detox a bit after an amazing/super busy summer. In case you didn't know we're kind of crazy when it comes to Disneyland (yes we are those people). So after we received our new iPhones we thought "what better way to test out this thing than in Disneyland?". So away we went.

Now I could go through a bunch of specs and features about the phone/camera but I'd rather let the film do the talking. Yes it's only 720p and yes 240fps is a bad idea in low light, but it's a flipping phone! We were sincerely stunned at the results while shooting and editing this piece. One thing is for sure, this easily replaces any point and shoot video camera for us. Hands down. Take a look at the film below...

Disneyland at 240fps || iPhone 6 from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

It's pretty amazing that this iPhone, something that is with us wherever we go, allows us to be creative and produce something like this at anytime. To think that millions of people have a device in their pocket that can shoot this kind of footage is mind boggling. It's exciting to see what technology can do in the right hands and we are so curious and excited to see how this technology will improve in the future.

If you have any questions about how the film was put together, feel free to leave a comment below.


Techy Stuff: Filmed entirely on the iPhone 6 (All handheld. No rigs/stabalizers) Edited in Premiere Pro CS6 Graded with Film Convert

A huge thank you to Jonny Dylan Hughes for letting us use his incredible song "Dove" for this film. Check out his band camp here!

Jamie + Randy

Jamie and I used to be neighbours! Our families lived about 5 houses (and a catwalk) away from each other for years but we never really knew each other. Once Mac and I joined the wedding industry however, Jamie became a big part of our lives. She shared so much knowledge and experience with us and really helped us to get started (we owe her forEVER!). Around that time, Jamie and I started taking advantage of our close proximity to each other and began going on walks together. On one such walk, Jamie agreed to shoot our wedding for us. And on that same walk, we agreed that one day, when she gets married, we would film hers. Since that day Maclean and I have been excitedly waiting for the day that Jamie would require our services :) Then one day we got a text asking our availability on some dates... because her and this phantom boyfriend 'Randy' (whom we had not yet met) were getting married!!! (but they weren't engaged yet and nobody knew so we had to keep it a secret - AHHHH!)

Then one day we got a call from this 'Randy'. He asked us if we would film his proposal to Jamie (but she had no idea so we had to keep it a secret - AHHHH!) This was so exciting for us and we finally got to get to know 'Randy' - and he was the BEST.  He's funny, creative, incredibly skilled at building things and has a giant heart. Not that our opinion matters at all, but we give Randy 2 thumbs up and a super high-five.

Finally the day arrived. Jamie and Randy's wedding day. If you know Jamie at all, you would expect her wedding to be completely perfect. Yes, Jamie's wedding was perfect. Jamie looked perfect. The decor was perfect. The schedule was perfect. The weather was even (close to) perfect. This was not a surprise in the least. What was a surprise was how much we got to see into Jamie and Randy's relationship through their incredible vows. I am a sucker for vows. I tend to unintentionally 'suggest' to couples that personal vows would be a good idea. The BEST idea. The ONLY IDEA! No need with Jamie and Randy - these vows - like everything else that day - were perfect. Look, listen and see for yourself!

Congratulations Jamie and Randy we are beyond happy for the two of you :)

jamie + randy || what a year it's been from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.


PS. You gotta check out the incredible photography by Lydia Jane!!! We had a blast working with her! :)

Our New Internet Home

It's really amazing how much things change. Time goes on and each day feels exactly like the day before. You work every day at the same tasks, often thankless tasks that produce little if any instant gratification. You don't really notice how much time has gone by until all of a sudden, in a flash! - you wake up and realize how long its been, and how far you've come. You wake up and it's the same as any other day, but it's a different day. That is what the completion of this new website has been for us.

We realized that through doing the ‘same’ thing every day for 8 years, we have come to do something completely different. By challenging ourselves to make every wedding as unique and personal to each couple as we can, we have been able to tell countless stories in countless many ways. We have strived to continually raise the level of our work while not losing what it is that makes us unique, not losing what makes us Hello Tomorrow.

It's not always the big things that produce the drastic results. It's the little things that you do everyday that create the biggest and greatest change. I have a new appreciation for the little things :)

We have been creating wedding films for 8 years now (how on earth has it been 8 years?!) For 8 years we have done the same work, but all of a sudden - FLASH! It's a different work. Have a look for yourself!


apple display website screenshot


We hope you enjoy perusing the new site! Be sure to watch our new about video! It's been years in the making and we're so excited to share it. We'll be sure to share a more detailed post on the video really soon.

This website has been a mountain of work and we have to send a special thank you to everyone who helped us out:

First off, the always INcredible Heather Hastings. She's our go-to designer and she's amazing! She spent countless hours designing and perfecting the look of the site to best reflect us and we couldn't be happier. Heather you're the best!

Now you all know we are huge fans of our friends Shari + Mike, so it was a no brainer to ask then to take our new promotional photos. We are beyond thrilled with the photos! Check out their blog post for a few more!

Also a large portion of the coding wizardry was done by the brilliant Duane Cilliers! Thank you so much for all of your help Duane!

Odd Numbers

I don’t like many odd numbers. I don't know why but I’ve always been that way. In sports when I would get stuck with an odd numbered jersey I would be bummed all season (stupid 21 – I wanted 8!). So when this past year of 2013 rolled around I thought, “well, better power through and make the best of this gross ‘13’ year.” So how surprised was I when this year turned out to be my favorite one ever! Firstly, work this year has been the best. Every single couple we’ve worked with we have loved so so much. THANK YOU EVERY COUPLE WE’VE WORKED WITH THIS PAST YEAR! We have been so honored and blessed to tell your stories and get to know you. One of the weddings we shot even won us the “Best Cinematographer” award from the BC Wedding Awards – whaaaa?! Check it out below! (Thank you Jackie and Darrin! Hope you’re doing well and loving married life. How is your dog?)

Besides all of this, we’ve gotten to do a fair bit of travel – some for work and some for fun. For work, we ended up all the way in Perth Australia where we were able to film the torch-and-teepee wedding (this is what I call it now) of our friends Honni and Matt, while touring the beautiful city and meeting so many wonderful people who we miss so much… (you know who you are). About a month later Mac and I went on our Christmas dream trip for 2 days only… to DISNEYLAND! Oh good grief was this the best time. I will say though, our insane excitement for Christmas and our equally insane love of Disneyland didn’t mesh as well as I had thought. My emotions didn't know what to do – they were so confused! I felt like I should be driving to Palm Desert for vacation afterwards not going home to cold… WELL – now we know! (still crazy fun)

When we did return for Christmas we got to film our dear friend's engagement, went to Tim Hortons a lot (that place makes us so patriotic and their Christmas cups are the best!), had a couple of the best Christmases yet (we oddly both really love our in-laws) and my cousin got engaged to Maclean’s best buddy from childhood – who woulda thought?!

All in all, I have no idea how 2014 is gonna top 2013, but I’m certain it will – 14 is a great number! We have really big plans for this year and lots of changes and we can't wait to share them with you! (No mom, we're not pregnant) AND we're planning to get our health on and utilize my beloved Vitamix a little more. We hope you all have your best new years yet - come on even numbers!


jackie + darrin || like a fun princess from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

Jamie Delaine Photography

We'd like to talk about a friend of ours named Jamie. We go waaaay back with Jamie. I think it was about 8 or so years ago when I met her at Southgate Church shortly before Erin and I started dating. Erin however, goes back even further as she and Jamie went to school together. To be fair, they were 4 grades apart but still. Wow. It wasn't too long after I met Jamie that she started up her photography business and Erin and I quickly became blog stalkers. It was incredible to follow along on her journey to success and watch her work progress so quickly. When we started filming weddings she was always extremely helpful with tips/advice and we were even fortunate enough to film her first promo. A few years later Erin and I got engaged and it was an absolute no brainer to have Jamie photograph our day. (Check out our engagement shoot and wedding on Jamie's blog!) Over the years we've been lucky enough to work with Jamie on a bunch or weddings/projects, including her 2nd promo which you can watch here. But recently we decided it was time for an update. A couple months ago we started working on Jamie's new promo. Jamie had the idea to try a different approach to showing her personality, and we thought we might try slowing it down a bit. Jamie is super laid back and easy going and it felt right to portray that side of her this time. Let us know what you think of the result!


TECHY STUFF When Erin and I talked about how we wanted the visuals to look for this project, we initially thought of heavily using completely static shots. But as we talked about it, we realized that Jamie's laid back, yet bubbly personality couldn't be portrayed without a little movement. This brought up the idea of using handheld. We're always very wary of using handheld in our films. The story/project really has to lend itself to handheld and we never want to use it just because it's quick or convenient. Also since we shot on DSLRs for so long, shooting handheld was a more complicated option because of the need for a rig. But now with the C100 it wasn't a problem. The ergonomics and weight of the camera really allow for beautiful handheld without a rig. However if we were planning on shooting anything with a 50mm or higher we would definitely need a rig, but for this project we wanted to keep things pretty intimate so we shot almost entirely on the 24mm and 35mm.

Jackie + Darrin

Summer is over. How nuts is that?! We've been shooting non stop and it's been so so fun. We feel so blessed to be able to create films for some extraordinary couples all ova this great nation (aka CANADA! duh). However, since our summers are so full of weekend shoots (and strangely a lot of mid week weddings this year), we don't get very much down time. Needless to say we love the Fall season. Like LOVE this season. We LOVE fall. Like if you were to ask us, "Hey Mac and Erin, what's your favorite season?" We'd answer "Uh - FALL!" and yell it a little bit :) We love this season mainly because it means we're one step closer to Christmas, but also because it means we have a little time to relax, its appropriate to start watching movies again (instead of going outside), we can perhaps go on a quick trip, watch You've Got Mail (don't you just love New York in the fall?!) and get back into the editing groove. When we look back on our summer one of the highlights for us was fer shure Jackie and Darrin. The most important part of Jackie and Darrin’s wedding (besides actually getting married obviously) was friends and family. One thing that came up time and time again during our meetings with them was how they wanted to make sure everyone had the time of their lives. And the thing I remember most about their wedding? How much stinkin fun it was. Honestly, Mac's cheeks were sore (and extra rosy) from smiling so much.

Jackie is hilarious, sarcastic and super quick. Darrin is likely the most well spoken groom that has ever been. He is also hilarious. And together this couple was a dream to shoot. They were able to be themselves completely for the entire day and laughed SO much. Nothing better then a bride and groom who genuinely enjoy every part of their wedding day.


A massive thank you to the always amazing Jenna Smith of Revel Events. We LOVE getting to work with her! Always so much fun!

Heather + Jon || The Perfect Time

We love this couple so much that we EACH wanted to write our OWN blog post for this one so… I have known this beautiful couple since Mac and I first started dating almost 6 years ago, and have loved them since day one. You don’t meet couples like Jon and Heather very often.

You should know is that THIS Heather is THE Heather who designed our website! (Craaayzy talented!) She also designed and created all of the stationary at her wedding – the program, seating chart, table numbers, even the boxes that held the favors! Ah-may-zing.

Naturally, Mac and I were super pumped to film this wedding. Who doesn’t want to be a part of their friends wedding?! But from a strictly “wedding cinematographer” perspective, this wedding was a dream. The couple is blindingly gorgeous, they had a first look, the locations were unique and so beautiful, and there was so much heart throughout the entire day. You will notice in the film that Heathers mom is mentioned a lot. She passed away a few years ago. At the rehearsal dinner, her dad presented her with a necklace and earrings that her mom had picked out for her to wear on her wedding day before she passed away. Almost lost it when I found that out. She also wrapped her flowers in fabric from her mom's clothing. Sharon Hastings was very much a part of this day.

For this couple, they consider their friends their family. This is probably why their wedding was by far THE most fun I’ve EVER had at a wedding in my life. Everyone was so incredibly happy for them, all their friends are impossibly fun, AND the dance floor was pa-aaacked all night long.

Heather and Jon… We feel so honored that you invited us to be a part of your wedding day. It was one of those days we’ll never forget. We love you both so very much and can’t WAIT to go on multiple couples trips with you! Congratulations! - Erin


I've known Jon since middle school. We were a pretty cool duo. So cool that we would breakdance every chance we got and I'm quite sure that everyone thought we were extremely awesome. Along with some of our best friends, we grew up together and had many good times skateboarding, snowboarding, skimboarding, wakeboarding… so a lot of boarding. Jon was actually a huge part in getting me started in video. In high school he thought it would be cool if we made a full length skateboard video with some friends. We ended up making 2 skate videos and those are some of the best memories I have. A few years ago he was also my landlord at the infamous "Burrow" where some of my closest friends and I lived. Again, some of the best memories I have and that I'll treasure forever.

Heather is one of my favourite people ever. Period. She's hilarious, a design genius, extremely creative and not to mention the kindest person you'll ever know. She's also the brilliant mind behind our brand refresh and new website. Heather and Jon met in high school and it wasn't long until they were inseparable. Their story spans a long time and they've been through many ups and downs together but through it all they've stuck together and have become stronger. I've always looked up to Jon and Heather. When Erin and I began dating, I truly wanted my relationship with Erin to model theirs. Two people of God, who endlessly support each other and have fun together. So much fun. Check out their film for a glimpse of who these two wonderful people are. Congrats Jon and Heather. We love you two HEEPS! -Mac

heather + jon || the perfect time from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

We were so glad to be able to work with Erin Bishop and her incredible team at Filosophi Event Planning and Design, and ofcourse we were so pumped to be able to shoot alongside the incredible James Moes - we can't wait to see the photos! You can check out Heather and Jon's engagement photos here!

Palm Desert + Vegas

California is an amazing state. It's easily my favourite place besides BC… I may even dare to say it's tied with BC. When I was really young my family picked up and moved down to Palm Desert for my dads business. We lived there for a few years and returned back to BC but those few years in Palm Desert made a huge impact on all of us. We go back as often as we can and this year was no exception. Erin and I worked our butts off to finish a bunch of projects ahead of schedule so we could spend 3 glorious weeks in the desert. We had tons of fun and it was just what we needed to gear up for the upcoming wedding season. Check out some instagram snapshots of our trip below.

1. This is what most of our days looked like. Not bad eh?

2. The nightly view

3. I could honestly eat Chipotle everyday and never get tired of it. Maybe mixed with a little In N Out too

4. The office

5. Our adorable niece Sally

6. En route to Vegas

7. The view from Treasure Island - super bummed we couldn't time our Vegas trip with NAB or WPPI... maybe next year?

8. The valley from the top of one of our hikes

9. My brother-in-law's mean swing

We have some really cool projects that we're shooting this month and then May is the kick off to our busiest season yet. Can't wait to share :)


Yellowknife is cold...

I am in Yellowknife. It is freezing. It is -30 C today. When I left Vancouver on Thursday it was -1 C and I was freezing then. I am such a baby up here. A baby and the biggest, most shameless tourist! I'm up here to visit my favorite (and only!) cousins on my moms side, but between visiting time they are graciously driving me all over town to see everything, and so far I've seen: the ice road (SO cool); a man dogsledding; a man kite skiing (FYI i saw all of that while driving on the ice road); a FOX and the highest point in the city (pretty but not overly impressive if you're from Vancouver). They also took me on a snow mobile ride across a frozen lake where we tobogganed and made a fire (I contributed one piece of cardboard to that fire). I am having the best time! Last thing on my list is to see the northern lights but so far no dice...

I have learned a couple of very important things while up here in the north and I feel I should share them just in case any of you decide to visit one day:

1. You can't just quickly run outside in your normal clothes- you might die.

2. Bring a real camera not an iPhone because if you leave your mittens off for more than a few seconds your hands will hurt like never before and will probably lose them.

3. Most of the time it looks like dusk or night. Enjoy day while you can.

4. Don't try and be fashionable when you go outside- don't leave your parka open a little so your scarf looks cooler or insist on not wearing a touque so you don't mess up your hair. Trust me just DON'T.

5. Coke in a can outside turns to slush and then ice AND your tongue gets stuck to the can.

And finally: 6. Marshmallows taste different when roasted and eaten in the cold. They taste better!

Here are a few instagrams from the trip...