bobo + wowo || it's our moment

We love all of the couples we film, but this couple is really something special. BoBo and WoWo are so very much in love and have such a touching story that I spent most of my time fighting back tears at their wedding. While dating is usually a really light and fun time, the majority of this couple's dating life was spent in hospitals. BoBo's father had been diagnosed with cancer and actually passed away 2 months before the wedding. BoBo's mother was in the hospital so sick with cancer that she was unable to make the trip to Canada for the wedding. (She also just recently passed away as well…)

BoBo is very sweet and soft spoken. She is absolutely beautiful. WoWo (or Tin as I know him) is also very sweet and always looks out for others. He takes wonderful care of BoBo.

Their wedding was incredible. They both love nature and so decided to get married outside of an old mansion on a golf course on the water in Harrison Mills, BC. It drizzled right until the ceremony began and then stopped just until it ended. Not one word of english was spoken during the ceremony but it still took everything in me not to cry. Just watching this couple was enough to know that they have a different kind of love. Like a different level of love that you can't reach until you've been though something tragic together.

The best and most difficult part of the wedding was just before the reception. WoWo had arranged for one of his friends to play a song for BoBo on the piano. This song meant a lot to the couple because it helped them get though all of their hard times. It was the one song that they would put on repeat and listen to until they fell asleep when they were just too tired to try anymore. If that wasn't hard enough, when it came time for the vocals in the song (which was mostly "oooh's"), their friends, scattered all over the room, joined in and started singing. I lost it. You could not NOT feel. Everyone was crying. I'm crying writing this. The song was beautiful.

I've never been so happy for a couple before. This couple deserves each other. This couple deserves happiness.

BoBo and WoWo - we feel so honoured that we got to be a part of your wedding day. We are so blessed to have met you and to have heard your story. We hope that your wedding film was able to capture the love, sorrow and joy that we experienced on your day. Congratulations and may your future be filled with nothing but joy.

PS: We loved being able to work with the awesome Bartek & Magda. So much fun laughing about them about certain bags... it's an inside thing. Check out their site!