kaelin + erick || you can't see me

When we first met with this couple, the first thing I noticed about Kaelin was her insane organization! She came in with a monster sized binder with tabs all over the place - I LOVE organized people and I LOVE tabs! The first thing I noticed about Erick was that he ordered his frappuccino double blended. I don't' know why, but it stuck! There were two things Kaelin was set on for her day - 1. They were going to have a first look at Crescent Beach and 2. It was GOING to be sunny for that first look. She got both! When the boys came to pick up the girls in the limo, Erick wore a blindfold so they could wait to have their first look at the beach. My favourite part about this was that Kaelin did NOT have to wear a blindfold and she reminded Erick of this saying "You can't see me!" (in that singsongy way a kid would taunt another kid on the playground) as she stood right in front of his face hahaha!

Kaelin and Erick were married at Minoru Chapel in Richmond. Not only is this church the cutest little church you've ever seen, but Kaelin's parents were also married in it! So special! The reception followed at Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club and it was gorgeous! Kaelin planned her pants off and it paid off! My favourite part of the reception was their cake - I LOVED this cake. I did not eat any of this cake, but it looked so pretty! I did however eat my favour which was sugar cookies in the shape of a wedding cake - oh man. I get sad when I remember I can never eat one again… so good.

Kaelin and Erick you day was SO beautiful and SO much fun! Thank you so much for including us - we had so much fun with you both and wish you the very best in your lives together! Congratulations!

We had the pleasure of working with the lovely Larissa of Luxe Photography... check out her site!