Alice + Tristan || Like a Panda

June till the end of October has been crazy for us - CONSTANT weddings but so much fun! BUT this lovely month of November we were free!!! So we went to California! Mac and I are BIG on Disneyland so we obviously hit that up - for TWO days - and man oh man was that a good time. First day was totally dead and we got to go on e-ver-y-thing. Classic day in the happiest place on earth. Second day was poop. It started off sunny and beautiful then just dumped rain! I made the worlds biggest mistake of wearing a light sweater and toms - toms just suck up the water and NEVER dry off. It took an hour watching a live performance of Aladdin in California Adventure to convince me to stay. Musicals can always convince me to do stuff. Two days before we left for California we shot a really cool wedding in Vancouver - Alice and Tristan's.

My first time meeting Alice was on her wedding day during her hair and makeup and I learned a lot about her in that time: 1) She is super hilarious but you really have to listen because her tone NEVER changes (which makes it all ten times more funny); 2) She doesn't like makeup; but 3) She LOVES pandas! I laughed like crazy when she asked her make up artist to do a more dramatic smokey-eye so she could look like a panda! At first I thought I had misheard her cause she said it so matter-of-factly but I misheard nothing- that was her request! And it looked great!

Alice and Tristan got married in the Celebration Pavilion at Queen Elizabeth Park. It was perfectly clear but FREEZING! (Obviously you can't see the temperature in the film so I thought I would fill you in on that little tidbit). About 50 guests and it was so sweet! Their reception followed at Season's in the Park. The food was great, the speeches were funny and the couple gave their guests a giant bag of favours each! What more can you ask for? SOLID wedding. My favourite part was the chalk speech bubbles the couple had for guests to take photo's with - so creative!

Congratulations Tristan and Alice - your wedding was so beautiful and we had such a fun time! We wish you the best as you begin your new life together back up in the interior!