Tina + Kupa

Usually before every wedding, Mac and I meet with each couple and get to hear their story of how they met and fell in love. We get to hang out and spend time just getting to know them so we will be able to tell their story better when the wedding day comes. WE get to hear the story. But usually, you don’t. Well, for Tina and Kupa you DO! Before filming Tina + Kupa's (absolutely incredible, beautiful, heart felt) day, we created their engagement film. We spent some time down by Kits beach, asked them to each to tell their story and just watched them interact. And we are so happy with the finished film.

This couple's story is very unique. The way they met, the way they live their lives, their vision for the future – it’s not your average story. Anything I tell you about them before you watch the film will seem redundant afterwards. Let them tell you. I will say though that they are a beautiful couple with beautiful souls. We loved spending time with them and can’t wait to hang out with them again.

Be sure to check back soon for their wedding highlights film!