Loowa + Joey || Part 1

We don't often get the chance to make engagement films, so when we do it's quiiiite exciting. We get to hang with this awesome couple more then we usually would, get to know so much about them and see them interact with each other. We get to hear their story from BOTH points of view. All of this was definitely a big help for us as we created their engagement film but it was a HUGE help for us as we planned for their Same Day Edit. So much of storytelling is the work you put into pre-production and so we wanted to make sure we knew all about these two before the wedding day. But more on the SDE later... The day we spent filming with Loowa + Joey was the best. This couple is radical. Not just rad, but full on radical. They are hilarious. So easy going. So much fun. I spent most of the shoot laughing at them from afar while Shari + Mike fought with them to make a normal face for a photo. But for us this was gold! Its so rare that a couple can actually be themselves-completely themselves-while trying to act natural in front of 2 (or in this case 4) cameras.

Loowa and Joey- you nailed it. Such a fun shoot. Such a fun film. Check back soon for part two with Loowa + Joey's SDE!

Jessica + Christopher

A few months ago we met up with Chris for coffee. This is how our conversation went... Chris: I'm gonna propose to my girlfriend. This is how I'm gonna do it... Also she loves you guys - can you shoot it?

Us: Ummm... YES!

(Clearly that recreation is not entirely accurate, but it paints a picture right?)

Chris is an awesome, creative and enthusiastic guy who put his whole heart into creating the perfect proposal - Jessica did not stand a chance! The lengths this man went to to create such a personal, meaningful and epic proposal - while still keeping it a secret - blew our minds!

We approached this project thinking "how best can we tell this story?" and we realized that the solution was to get out of its way. Figuratively and literally. We tried our best to stay hidden and let the magic unfold, and that it did. We'd love to talk more about it... but we don't want to ruin it. You should really just see for yourself...

(Even though I was there and experienced it... I watch this a lot by myself... I LOVE it! Well done Chris, well done. - erin)

jessica + chris || proposal film from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

Jamie + Randy

OK so remember our friend Jamie? Wedding photographer extraordinaire? Well she's engaged!!! As you've read before, we go way back with Jamie. Not too long ago we started hearing about this Randy guy she's been hanging out with. We were able to meet and hang out with him briefly while shooting Jamie's recent promo film and he seemed like an awesome guy. Not long after we heard that things could be getting serious between these two. Our hopes were up.

A few weeks ago Randy got in touch with us and revealed that he was indeed planning on proposing to Jamie soon and wanted us there to capture it. We flipped! Our pal Jamie was getting engaged to this awesome guy AND we get to be there to watch it happen! We felt so honoured. So this past weekend it all went down. Randy had been planning for weeks to surprise Jamie and it paid off. She had no idea it was coming! The rest is pretty amazing and rather than share it in our own words, we suggest you watch the film. ALso be sure to check out Jamie's blog for their entire story!

Congrats again Jamie + Randy! We are SO excited for you both and cannot wait for the wedding!

Annie + Andy || A Proposal Story

First off... Welcome one and all to the brand new Hello Tomorrow Wedding Films blog! Nice eh? We dig it too. We've really wanted to refresh the blog for a while now and we're so happy to finally have it up! We want to give a huge shootout to the always amazing Heather Hastings for her incredible design (in case you didn't know, we created Heather and her husband, Jon's, wedding film a little while back. Check it out!). Also a huge thank you to the coding styles of Marc Kimmel!

In the past, we've always been pretty relaxed with our blog. We didn't post nearly enough (whoops!). This refresh is our first attempt at stepping it up a notch. From here on out we will begin posting more often and on a variety of topics.

PS: Let us know what you think of the new blog in the comments below!

OK and now! Annie + Andy...

We met Andy last year to talk about making a film for him. He had been planning on proposing to his girlfriend Annie and had a great idea of how to do it. I'd love to tell you more but... we'll let the film do the talking. We hope you enjoy it!

Tina + Kupa

Usually before every wedding, Mac and I meet with each couple and get to hear their story of how they met and fell in love. We get to hang out and spend time just getting to know them so we will be able to tell their story better when the wedding day comes. WE get to hear the story. But usually, you don’t. Well, for Tina and Kupa you DO! Before filming Tina + Kupa's (absolutely incredible, beautiful, heart felt) day, we created their engagement film. We spent some time down by Kits beach, asked them to each to tell their story and just watched them interact. And we are so happy with the finished film.

This couple's story is very unique. The way they met, the way they live their lives, their vision for the future – it’s not your average story. Anything I tell you about them before you watch the film will seem redundant afterwards. Let them tell you. I will say though that they are a beautiful couple with beautiful souls. We loved spending time with them and can’t wait to hang out with them again.

Be sure to check back soon for their wedding highlights film!

Mark + Gillian || Save The Date

Gillian is into fashion and music and art. Mark is an engineer. They are the perfect couple. We got to spend a beautiful, sunny evening with this couple at Crescent beach filming a save-the-date for them – cutest idea! And I’m very proud. I would like to take a little credit for this as Maclean and I did a similar film for our wedding invitations - but this one was much more beautiful. We hit it right that evening – the light was perfect! The couple was also really creative. They showed up with a list of things they like to do together to incorporate into their film. Example – they love to go dingy-ing together, so they brought a dingy, blew it up and hopped in the freezing ocean. It was quite entertaining for Mac and I actually.

We had so much fun with Gillian and Mark and are so excited for them! If Gillian has anything to do with this wedding, it will be incredibly beautiful and unique (I follow/love her blog - gillian-nicole.blogspot.ca/). Congratulations to you both!


mikaela + shane || a starbucks engagement story

Meet Mikaela and Shane. These two have a pretty remarkable story. Also I think Shane wins hands down for best proposal of all time. So this past summer, Mikaela and Shane contacted us about making a 'love story' type film to tell the story of how they got engaged. We were thrilled to shoot one and were very excited to hear how Shane popped the question. Mikaela then sent me a link to a post on her blog and my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe it... Shane recreated their first date at a starbucks... in the woods! SO cool! We were amazed how he thought of every little detail! Naturally we met up with them at a Starbucks to talk more about their relationship and how they got together. There is so much more behind the elaborate setup and we couldn't wait to tell their story in this engagement film.

For more check out Mikaela's blog post. and Their new site www.starbucksproposal.com

PS: Mikaela and Shane recently tied the knot! Check out the beautiful photos by Jasmine Star!

iris+vince=viris || the story

Iris and Vince are hilarious. These two are so relaxed and it is extremely rare to see either of them without a gigantic smile on their face. Earlier this summer, we had the pleasure of shooting a 'love story' type film with them to show at their reception. A perfect way for guests to get a better glimpse of who the couple is. We had a TON of fun filming with these two. Erin and I were constantly trying to keep ourselves from laughing behind the camera. We'll be posting their wedding highlights very soon but for now, learn a bit about them by watching this film.

Our wedding invite

So my fiancee and I wanted to do something a little different for our wedding invitations. We are not your typical couple so we didn't want our wedding to reflect that. We thought instead of going the conventional paper invite route... we'd do something with video. A few weeks ago we sent our invites out and we were so pumped to hear how people loved them. We gave one to our pal/incredible photographer Jamie Delaine and she thought it was rad enough to blog... hence why I thought maybe I should share it too. Check it out below. We've heard a few people telling us that they'd like this sort of thing for their wedding invites, so if you're interested let us know! PS Check out Jamie's post to see photos of the DVD sleeve!