Jamie + Randy

Jamie and I used to be neighbours! Our families lived about 5 houses (and a catwalk) away from each other for years but we never really knew each other. Once Mac and I joined the wedding industry however, Jamie became a big part of our lives. She shared so much knowledge and experience with us and really helped us to get started (we owe her forEVER!). Around that time, Jamie and I started taking advantage of our close proximity to each other and began going on walks together. On one such walk, Jamie agreed to shoot our wedding for us. And on that same walk, we agreed that one day, when she gets married, we would film hers. Since that day Maclean and I have been excitedly waiting for the day that Jamie would require our services :) Then one day we got a text asking our availability on some dates... because her and this phantom boyfriend 'Randy' (whom we had not yet met) were getting married!!! (but they weren't engaged yet and nobody knew so we had to keep it a secret - AHHHH!)

Then one day we got a call from this 'Randy'. He asked us if we would film his proposal to Jamie (but she had no idea so we had to keep it a secret - AHHHH!) This was so exciting for us and we finally got to get to know 'Randy' - and he was the BEST.  He's funny, creative, incredibly skilled at building things and has a giant heart. Not that our opinion matters at all, but we give Randy 2 thumbs up and a super high-five.

Finally the day arrived. Jamie and Randy's wedding day. If you know Jamie at all, you would expect her wedding to be completely perfect. Yes, Jamie's wedding was perfect. Jamie looked perfect. The decor was perfect. The schedule was perfect. The weather was even (close to) perfect. This was not a surprise in the least. What was a surprise was how much we got to see into Jamie and Randy's relationship through their incredible vows. I am a sucker for vows. I tend to unintentionally 'suggest' to couples that personal vows would be a good idea. The BEST idea. The ONLY IDEA! No need with Jamie and Randy - these vows - like everything else that day - were perfect. Look, listen and see for yourself!

Congratulations Jamie and Randy we are beyond happy for the two of you :)

jamie + randy || what a year it's been from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.


PS. You gotta check out the incredible photography by Lydia Jane!!! We had a blast working with her! :)