Pamy + Jake || You Know What? I'm Gonna Do it

If it wasn’t already obvious by my indistinguishable European-mashup of a name, the fact that I live my life void of any real discernible style or flair, combined with the absense of any accent – I am Canadian. 

No, like seriously Canadian. 

Not only was I, my parents and both sets of grandparents born and raised here, but when I ask my Grandma where her family was originally from she says ‘Canada’. Every. Single. Time.

“No, for real Grandma, they had to come from somewhere! What are we?!”

… “We’re Canadian!”  

“No, you know what I-” 


So there you have it. I love being Canadian, but its all I know! Which is probably why I am so fascinated by other peoples cultures. 

Lets be honest here everyone, - of all the cultures I’m pretty sure Canada has the LEAST number of traditions. Especially in weddings. What do we have… Cake cutting, bouquet toss aaaand garter toss (which is weird right? Where did that one come from!) And that's… it?

Now look at Indian wedding traditions. Can they be counted? Not by me. I will guess there are a thousand. 

Combine Indian traditions with our (3-ish) traditions and you get SUCH a fun wedding! I LOVE fusion weddings (that's what people tell me they are called) and in theory, I would like to have one! - Except I’m already married, and to another plain ‘Canadian’ (who I love so very much – Hi Mac!)

Pamy and Jake's wedding was no exception to the fusion-fun rule. And can I just say, the quality of the guests at this wedding was off the charts. Everyone was beyond lovely to Mac and I and we truly felt like guests with cameras. 



Photographer: Our amazing friend Sachin Khona! Such a wizard behind the camera. We had an absolute blast getting to work with him as usual!

Venue: Bodega Ridge - This was our first wedding at Bodega and it blew us away. Can't wait to go back! Oh BC how we love you.