Kate + Scott || Our Adventures

As our first wedding of 2016 and our first elopement ever, this wedding really raised our expectations for the rest of the season! 

Kate and Scott chose to elope, to put it in Kate’s words, “because I’m the most awkward person ever”. A statement which later proved to be completely false . She was only a little bit awkward – more just super goofy and hilarious. Either way, eloping felt like the perfect fit for these two. We had so much fun shooting at the beach and in the forest and getting to play with Kate and Scott’s ginormous and super friendly dogs (it took me a little while to stop being terrified by the sheer size of these things, but they did turn out to be the most lovely dogs). 

Kate + Scott are all about adventure, and now they are about to start a new one. We hope you enjoy the film.

PS We are so excited to be heading out on the road in a couple weeks down to California. We've got quite the adventure lined up. Follow along with us on Instagram