Jessica + Christopher

A few months ago we met up with Chris for coffee. This is how our conversation went... Chris: I'm gonna propose to my girlfriend. This is how I'm gonna do it... Also she loves you guys - can you shoot it?

Us: Ummm... YES!

(Clearly that recreation is not entirely accurate, but it paints a picture right?)

Chris is an awesome, creative and enthusiastic guy who put his whole heart into creating the perfect proposal - Jessica did not stand a chance! The lengths this man went to to create such a personal, meaningful and epic proposal - while still keeping it a secret - blew our minds!

We approached this project thinking "how best can we tell this story?" and we realized that the solution was to get out of its way. Figuratively and literally. We tried our best to stay hidden and let the magic unfold, and that it did. We'd love to talk more about it... but we don't want to ruin it. You should really just see for yourself...

(Even though I was there and experienced it... I watch this a lot by myself... I LOVE it! Well done Chris, well done. - erin)

jessica + chris || proposal film from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.