AAAAAAHHH IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAS!!!!! Well almost. We've finished up shoots until new years so we just wanted to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! If you don't already know, Erin and I are complete Christmas nuts! We love every part of it. We love the crowds, the hot chocolate, the food, the lights, the movies, the time with family… but most of all, we love celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas! We'll be back with some new posts and new films after the holidays.

It's Here!

Well it's finally here! Branding refresh, new blog and a whole new site. Whadya think? Pretty nice eh?! Earlier this year we wanted to make the leap to a completely custom designed site so we asked the brilliant Heather Hastings - extreme graphic designer (I added the extreme) - to puh-lease help us! We were super vague with our instructions to Heather, but super specific with what we wanted in our heads so we said "Heather, please make our branding and website better reflect who we are and what we're all about. Thank you." and BAM! She did! And its PERFECT!

(Fun Fact: Heather Hastings also happens to be a super close friend of ours AND she recently got engaged to our other super close friend! YAAAY friend wedding!)

So click around! Explore this place! We'd love some feedback so feel free to give us a shout out in a comment, on Facebook or Twitter, OR shout it out in person if you see us! (please shout nicely though… don't yell… )

Special shout out to the always incredible Jamie Delaine for her amazing photo skills. All the photos of us on the site are by her :)

Special thanks to the brilliant Mark Kimmel, for coding the site!

Alice + Tristan || Like a Panda

June till the end of October has been crazy for us - CONSTANT weddings but so much fun! BUT this lovely month of November we were free!!! So we went to California! Mac and I are BIG on Disneyland so we obviously hit that up - for TWO days - and man oh man was that a good time. First day was totally dead and we got to go on e-ver-y-thing. Classic day in the happiest place on earth. Second day was poop. It started off sunny and beautiful then just dumped rain! I made the worlds biggest mistake of wearing a light sweater and toms - toms just suck up the water and NEVER dry off. It took an hour watching a live performance of Aladdin in California Adventure to convince me to stay. Musicals can always convince me to do stuff. Two days before we left for California we shot a really cool wedding in Vancouver - Alice and Tristan's.

My first time meeting Alice was on her wedding day during her hair and makeup and I learned a lot about her in that time: 1) She is super hilarious but you really have to listen because her tone NEVER changes (which makes it all ten times more funny); 2) She doesn't like makeup; but 3) She LOVES pandas! I laughed like crazy when she asked her make up artist to do a more dramatic smokey-eye so she could look like a panda! At first I thought I had misheard her cause she said it so matter-of-factly but I misheard nothing- that was her request! And it looked great!

Alice and Tristan got married in the Celebration Pavilion at Queen Elizabeth Park. It was perfectly clear but FREEZING! (Obviously you can't see the temperature in the film so I thought I would fill you in on that little tidbit). About 50 guests and it was so sweet! Their reception followed at Season's in the Park. The food was great, the speeches were funny and the couple gave their guests a giant bag of favours each! What more can you ask for? SOLID wedding. My favourite part was the chalk speech bubbles the couple had for guests to take photo's with - so creative!

Congratulations Tristan and Alice - your wedding was so beautiful and we had such a fun time! We wish you the best as you begin your new life together back up in the interior!


First off… this blog hasn't been updated in a while. I feel bad. Forgive me? The reason is we've been quite busy lately (poor excuse) as the summer wedding season has kicked off. We've been having a blast so far but it's definitely our busiest season yet. We have some awesome wedding highlight films that we can't wait to post and also some other special projects… you'll see soon, I promise. It's crazy to me that it's almost august. Especially since the summer weather has barely been showing it's face lately. It really doesn't feel like summer at all to me. Erin and I have been escaping to Cultus lake as often as we can and the weather has been so dreary! Oh well. I've got a feeling it's gonna pick up and we're gonna have 100 days of sun.

Over the next month we'll be doing a lot of travelling, so many updates will be from the road. If you'd like, you can follow me on twitter or our official twitter account. I've been on Erin's case lately to get on this twitter train and she's starting to think about it… maybe you guys can help me out by leaving some comments telling her to get on it.

In the next couple days we'll be posting a highlights film from a couple weeks ago. It's really great and we can't wait to share. Anywho… I'm starting to ramble.

Oh Cultus... how I love thee.

PS if you haven't listened to Bon Iver's new album... well... you should.


I'm a proud lifer of WRCA. It's an incredible school. For the past 5 years I've been making films of the graduation banquet and this year we decided to make a little highlights. It's been a lot of fun to go back year after year and see how the school is growing and to see people I remember from my high school days graduate. It's a reminder how fast time goes by. Take a look at the highlights below.

red deer trip

This past weekend we took a road trip to Red Deer Alberta for my cousin/life long friend Drew's wedding. I was honoured to be in the bridal party with a great group of close friends and family. So many good times on the road and in Red Deer. Early wednesday morning we headed out with my sister and brother in law. Driving from Surrey to Red Deer is about an 11 hour drive so needless to say we had to find ways to entertain ourselves while on the road. For me, one of those ways was by taking a few snapshots and shooting some video. You can view a little brief video along with a 'techy stuff' blurb at the bottom of the post. We made a few stops along the way and one of them was to Lake Louis. We really wanted to see this gorgeous lake, but also my bro-in-law Steve and I really wanted to watch the Stanley Cup Final and we knew we had some family staying at the Fairmont Hotel. So we crashed there room and watched the game. After the disappointing game we got back on the road. I've known Drew my whole life. Besides being cousins, we've been extremely close friends and even roommates. I'm the youngest and he is the third youngest out of our huge batch of cousins so naturally we were pretty close growing up. We have always been in to the same music and are even in a band together. It's rare that Erin and I get to attend weddings, let alone one of us be in the bridal party. We had so much fun enjoying the festivities and living it up in Red Deer. It was so awesome to see him and Danielle tie the knot and I can't wait to hang out with them as a married couple.


Here is the little video I shot on the road trip. Please pardon the shaky cam... didn't have the monopod with me. I put this together mainly to test out the new Final Cut Pro X. Great system but not quite there yet. Hopefully Apple will listen to their pro users and implement changes in future software updates. One thing that is an absolute game changer for me is skimming to preview clips. Huge time saver. I also wanted to test out our new iMac. We've been wanting to upgrade for a while from our 2006 Mac Pro but we wanted to wait for Apple to release there updated iMac. The second I saw that it was available I put my order in. The specs are... 27 inch iMac 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 16 GM RAM 250 GB SSD & 2 TB HDD This is an amazingly powerful machine. The SSD is a huge performance boost, along with the i7 chip. Our processing and editing times are drastically improved. This tool will be a huge help in this years weddings.

Erin + Maclean || Our very own wedding

Oh man these past two weeks have been incredible. Let's start from the beginning… On May 21st I married the love of my life Erin. It was an incredible day that started off with a big breakfast for the boys and an early hair and makeup session for the girls. It was reaaaally weird knowing that later in the day I'd be a married man but I was getting antsy like I do at Christmas time, I couldn't wait. The guys then got ready and drove over to pick up the ladies. Once we arrived, Erin and I had our first look. When I turned around to see my wife to be, I was floored. I think my jaw literally dropped and I remember just being in utter disbelief that this was to be my wife… oh how blessed I am. We're so used to being the ones filming the wedding so it was definitely trippy being on the other side of the camera. We then drove out to North Vancouver to have a photo session with the always lovely Jamie Delaine. Check out her blog post for all the photo awesomeness. Then came the ceremony which was held at Highlands United Church. Erin was practically raised in Whistler so we chose this church because it had a very quaint, lodgey type feel, and also some really interesting lighting. For the decor we of course got the amazing Wedding Design studio. As you probably know, Erin and I are huge Harry Potter/ Lord of the Rings fans, so we told Kim of Wedding Design Studio that, and she put together some absolutely amazing decor inspired by our obsession. Now one of the big reasons we decided to do a first look was in case I cried. I come from a big family of blubberers so we thought we'd see each other before the ceremony to get it our of my system. I didn't cry during the first look but the ceremony was a different story. I don't think any tears actually fell but when Erin walked down the aisle right on cue to one of our favourite songs (Transatlantcism by Death Cab) I was trying SO hard not to cry. My Uncle/Pastor Dave shared an awesome message, and then we shared personal vows as well as the traditional ones. We then walked out to Baby We Were Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen (the boss). I remember my face being in physical pain from smiling so much. So happy to finally be married.

We then headed up to Grouse Mountain for the reception. The weather was dry but definitely cloudy which worked perfectly with our Harry Potter vibe. Some very touching speeches were shared by loved ones and an incredible dance party led by my band. All in all it was an incredible day that I will reminisce about extremely frequently for the rest of my life. Check out very own highlights film below.

Special thanks to…

All of our family and friends that came from out of town. My cousins Drew and Scott for arranging and performing the ceremony music. My cousin Kris for saving the day twice. My cousin Melynn for designing our programs and menus. The reception band for bringing the dance party - Adam, Denver, Dan, Scott, Drew and Danielle Kim and her team at Wedding Design Studio for their amazing work Andrew Noon at Clear Horizon Productions for filming the wedding Jamie Delaine for her incredible photo skillz! Joy Mitchell and Karen Millidrag for hair and makeup All of our family and friends and of course my amazing wife for marrying me.

PS Stay tuned for a montage of the dance party. The band killed it and it would be a shame not to share it with you.

We're baaaaaack

After a few weeks of our own wedding craziness, we are back. After our wedding we vacated to Hawaii and had an amazing, relaxing time in the sun. It was so awesome to get some down time in after all of the planning and moving that we were doing.

We went to the big island and stayed there for 12 days. Most days consisted of a lot of relaxing, walking in to town, driving to Hapuna beach, reading and maybe a movie. Of course we couldn't travel all the way to hawaii and not bring a camera along… so check out the brief video below of a typical day in the life of our time in Hawaii.

Be sure to check back soon for a full blog post on our wedding :)


We're getting married!

So it's finally here. After years of talking and months of planning, May 21st 2011 is upon us and Erin and I are getting hitched. We're headed to Hawaii for the honeymoon and will be back on June 4th. We are SO pumped. Then it's right into an awesome season of shooting weddings with some incredible couples. We'll be sure to update the blog with photos and video as soon as possible.


Moving is weird. I thought by now I would be used it. I moved around a ton when I was a kid but for the last 8 years my family and I have lived in one house. That's the longest I've ever stayed put and now, that's all changing. I'm really excited to be moving into this new place. I definitely didn't expect to be so nostalgic when I packed up my bedroom. It was sad but the second I started moving stuff into the new place, I got VERY excited. Erin and I are still putting together the place. Making frequent Home Sense and Ikea runs and ordering couches and other furniture. Today we finally took a load of garbage to the dump. I wish SO BAD that I took an iPhone pic of the pile we had on our stairs. It was insane. We of course watched Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring as our first movie here. Yes the extended version… so good. Erin is making this place feel like home already. Lot's of personal touches of stuff we're into like owl salt & pepper shakers and a big fat "Movie Night" sign above the TV. Awesome right!? It's so crazy to think that it's only 2 1/2 weeks until we get married. I am beyond excited for the wedding and for our trip to Hawaii. We get back in June and then it's straight into a jammed packed summer of shooting weddings. Bring it on. We're currently working on a few films and we'll be posting them up here shortly so stay tuned.