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It's really amazing how much things change. Time goes on and each day feels exactly like the day before. You work every day at the same tasks, often thankless tasks that produce little if any instant gratification. You don't really notice how much time has gone by until all of a sudden, in a flash! - you wake up and realize how long its been, and how far you've come. You wake up and it's the same as any other day, but it's a different day. That is what the completion of this new website has been for us.

We realized that through doing the ‘same’ thing every day for 8 years, we have come to do something completely different. By challenging ourselves to make every wedding as unique and personal to each couple as we can, we have been able to tell countless stories in countless many ways. We have strived to continually raise the level of our work while not losing what it is that makes us unique, not losing what makes us Hello Tomorrow.

It's not always the big things that produce the drastic results. It's the little things that you do everyday that create the biggest and greatest change. I have a new appreciation for the little things :)

We have been creating wedding films for 8 years now (how on earth has it been 8 years?!) For 8 years we have done the same work, but all of a sudden - FLASH! It's a different work. Have a look for yourself!


apple display website screenshot


We hope you enjoy perusing the new site! Be sure to watch our new about video! It's been years in the making and we're so excited to share it. We'll be sure to share a more detailed post on the video really soon.

This website has been a mountain of work and we have to send a special thank you to everyone who helped us out:

First off, the always INcredible Heather Hastings. She's our go-to designer and she's amazing! She spent countless hours designing and perfecting the look of the site to best reflect us and we couldn't be happier. Heather you're the best!

Now you all know we are huge fans of our friends Shari + Mike, so it was a no brainer to ask then to take our new promotional photos. We are beyond thrilled with the photos! Check out their blog post for a few more!

Also a large portion of the coding wizardry was done by the brilliant Duane Cilliers! Thank you so much for all of your help Duane!

Odd Numbers

I don’t like many odd numbers. I don't know why but I’ve always been that way. In sports when I would get stuck with an odd numbered jersey I would be bummed all season (stupid 21 – I wanted 8!). So when this past year of 2013 rolled around I thought, “well, better power through and make the best of this gross ‘13’ year.” So how surprised was I when this year turned out to be my favorite one ever! Firstly, work this year has been the best. Every single couple we’ve worked with we have loved so so much. THANK YOU EVERY COUPLE WE’VE WORKED WITH THIS PAST YEAR! We have been so honored and blessed to tell your stories and get to know you. One of the weddings we shot even won us the “Best Cinematographer” award from the BC Wedding Awards – whaaaa?! Check it out below! (Thank you Jackie and Darrin! Hope you’re doing well and loving married life. How is your dog?)

Besides all of this, we’ve gotten to do a fair bit of travel – some for work and some for fun. For work, we ended up all the way in Perth Australia where we were able to film the torch-and-teepee wedding (this is what I call it now) of our friends Honni and Matt, while touring the beautiful city and meeting so many wonderful people who we miss so much… (you know who you are). About a month later Mac and I went on our Christmas dream trip for 2 days only… to DISNEYLAND! Oh good grief was this the best time. I will say though, our insane excitement for Christmas and our equally insane love of Disneyland didn’t mesh as well as I had thought. My emotions didn't know what to do – they were so confused! I felt like I should be driving to Palm Desert for vacation afterwards not going home to cold… WELL – now we know! (still crazy fun)

When we did return for Christmas we got to film our dear friend's engagement, went to Tim Hortons a lot (that place makes us so patriotic and their Christmas cups are the best!), had a couple of the best Christmases yet (we oddly both really love our in-laws) and my cousin got engaged to Maclean’s best buddy from childhood – who woulda thought?!

All in all, I have no idea how 2014 is gonna top 2013, but I’m certain it will – 14 is a great number! We have really big plans for this year and lots of changes and we can't wait to share them with you! (No mom, we're not pregnant) AND we're planning to get our health on and utilize my beloved Vitamix a little more. We hope you all have your best new years yet - come on even numbers!


jackie + darrin || like a fun princess from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

It's Here!

Well it's finally here! Branding refresh, new blog and a whole new site. Whadya think? Pretty nice eh?! Earlier this year we wanted to make the leap to a completely custom designed site so we asked the brilliant Heather Hastings - extreme graphic designer (I added the extreme) - to puh-lease help us! We were super vague with our instructions to Heather, but super specific with what we wanted in our heads so we said "Heather, please make our branding and website better reflect who we are and what we're all about. Thank you." and BAM! She did! And its PERFECT!

(Fun Fact: Heather Hastings also happens to be a super close friend of ours AND she recently got engaged to our other super close friend! YAAAY friend wedding!)

So click around! Explore this place! We'd love some feedback so feel free to give us a shout out in a comment, on Facebook or Twitter, OR shout it out in person if you see us! (please shout nicely though… don't yell… )

Special shout out to the always incredible Jamie Delaine for her amazing photo skills. All the photos of us on the site are by her :)

Special thanks to the brilliant Mark Kimmel, for coding the site!


First off… this blog hasn't been updated in a while. I feel bad. Forgive me? The reason is we've been quite busy lately (poor excuse) as the summer wedding season has kicked off. We've been having a blast so far but it's definitely our busiest season yet. We have some awesome wedding highlight films that we can't wait to post and also some other special projects… you'll see soon, I promise. It's crazy to me that it's almost august. Especially since the summer weather has barely been showing it's face lately. It really doesn't feel like summer at all to me. Erin and I have been escaping to Cultus lake as often as we can and the weather has been so dreary! Oh well. I've got a feeling it's gonna pick up and we're gonna have 100 days of sun.

Over the next month we'll be doing a lot of travelling, so many updates will be from the road. If you'd like, you can follow me on twitter or our official twitter account. I've been on Erin's case lately to get on this twitter train and she's starting to think about it… maybe you guys can help me out by leaving some comments telling her to get on it.

In the next couple days we'll be posting a highlights film from a couple weeks ago. It's really great and we can't wait to share. Anywho… I'm starting to ramble.

Oh Cultus... how I love thee.

PS if you haven't listened to Bon Iver's new album... well... you should.

Erin + Maclean || Our very own wedding

Oh man these past two weeks have been incredible. Let's start from the beginning… On May 21st I married the love of my life Erin. It was an incredible day that started off with a big breakfast for the boys and an early hair and makeup session for the girls. It was reaaaally weird knowing that later in the day I'd be a married man but I was getting antsy like I do at Christmas time, I couldn't wait. The guys then got ready and drove over to pick up the ladies. Once we arrived, Erin and I had our first look. When I turned around to see my wife to be, I was floored. I think my jaw literally dropped and I remember just being in utter disbelief that this was to be my wife… oh how blessed I am. We're so used to being the ones filming the wedding so it was definitely trippy being on the other side of the camera. We then drove out to North Vancouver to have a photo session with the always lovely Jamie Delaine. Check out her blog post for all the photo awesomeness. Then came the ceremony which was held at Highlands United Church. Erin was practically raised in Whistler so we chose this church because it had a very quaint, lodgey type feel, and also some really interesting lighting. For the decor we of course got the amazing Wedding Design studio. As you probably know, Erin and I are huge Harry Potter/ Lord of the Rings fans, so we told Kim of Wedding Design Studio that, and she put together some absolutely amazing decor inspired by our obsession. Now one of the big reasons we decided to do a first look was in case I cried. I come from a big family of blubberers so we thought we'd see each other before the ceremony to get it our of my system. I didn't cry during the first look but the ceremony was a different story. I don't think any tears actually fell but when Erin walked down the aisle right on cue to one of our favourite songs (Transatlantcism by Death Cab) I was trying SO hard not to cry. My Uncle/Pastor Dave shared an awesome message, and then we shared personal vows as well as the traditional ones. We then walked out to Baby We Were Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen (the boss). I remember my face being in physical pain from smiling so much. So happy to finally be married.

We then headed up to Grouse Mountain for the reception. The weather was dry but definitely cloudy which worked perfectly with our Harry Potter vibe. Some very touching speeches were shared by loved ones and an incredible dance party led by my band. All in all it was an incredible day that I will reminisce about extremely frequently for the rest of my life. Check out very own highlights film below.

Special thanks to…

All of our family and friends that came from out of town. My cousins Drew and Scott for arranging and performing the ceremony music. My cousin Kris for saving the day twice. My cousin Melynn for designing our programs and menus. The reception band for bringing the dance party - Adam, Denver, Dan, Scott, Drew and Danielle Kim and her team at Wedding Design Studio for their amazing work Andrew Noon at Clear Horizon Productions for filming the wedding Jamie Delaine for her incredible photo skillz! Joy Mitchell and Karen Millidrag for hair and makeup All of our family and friends and of course my amazing wife for marrying me.

PS Stay tuned for a montage of the dance party. The band killed it and it would be a shame not to share it with you.

Tanja + Tony || Don't make me cry

This past saturday I turned 23 years old. On Sunday I celebrated with my family by going to Five Guys Burgers and Fries (incredible), and also going to see Rango (awesome) at the Cineplex. The reason we celebrated on sunday is because on saturday, my fiancee and I had the honour of filming the wedding of Tanja and Tony. I can't say enough good things about this couple. One minute they can have you laughing and gasping for air and the next minute they can have you in tears. These two have such a remarkable story and it shows in their film. I first met Tanja a few months ago. We met over coffee and just chatted about life for a while. It was so cool to find out she works in the film and television industry and has for quire some time. She worked on the long running series Stargate among other projects. I was flattered to hear the reasons why she loved our work as she has a very critical eye. A few weeks later I met with Tony. I don't remember everything we talked about but I remember we laughed a lot. I love it when I meet with couples and we laugh, it's always a good sign. He then shared with me briefly a little bit of their story and I knew that this wedding was going to be emotional.

The wedding day couldn't have been more beautiful. The sun was out and everyone was excited. The ceremony was held at the incredible Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver. The perfect setting for these two to share their vows. The reception was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The breathtaking view of the north shore was the perfect backdrop for dinner. The speeches began and as you'll see in the film, their wasn't a dry eye in the house. Erin and I were so honoured to be apart of their wedding day. Congrats Tanja and Tony!

We also had the pleasure of working with Jeff from Stu-di-o. Check out their site!

Lee John + Roselyn || this is trippy

I met Lee John and Roselyn last year and I was immediately struck by their infectious smiles. They were so incredibly happy and excited to be getting married, needless to say after our meeting I was really hoping to book them :) Their wedding day was absolutely awesome. As Lee was getting ready he was constantly thinking out loud about how excited he was. He couldn't believe the day he had been dreaming about since he was a kid was finally here. The ceremony was heartfelt and full of promises and prayers for their future. The sun started peaking through just in time for the reception at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Dinner was served with a gorgeous view of North Vancouver, a perfect day for getting hitched.

When I sat down to start the edit I already had the perfect song in mind. Eblow's "Asleep in the Back". A beautiful song with a little British flair for Lee.

These two are so in love and we were so happy to create this film for them.

Ceremony: Iglesia Ni Cristo Church Of Christ Reception: Vancouver Convention Centre Photographer: Green Pomme Photography

Oh and PS, Tegan and Dan's highlights film was featured on LebelleBride.com last week! Check it out!

New Site, New Blog, New film

Well we have a lot to announce today. First off since you're here... welcome to the new Hello Tomorrow Blog! A little cleaner and a little more interactive. Leave us some comments and let us know what you think! Another big announcement for today is we have a brand spankin' new website! It's been a few years since we've done a total refresh so we're really excited about it. It's also a little less cluttered, cleaner, and has a larger video player in the gallery! Check it out here and let us know what you think! And finally of course we have a brand new highlights film to show today. The incredible wedding of Kelly + Jeff that we filmed in Victoria BC. The day started off with Erin and I going on a very early and stunningly beautiful ferry ride over to the island. We were taken back by the amazing beauty of this province we're so blessed to live in. Kelly and Jeff felt the same way and really wanted to incorporate the scenery into their wedding. Their ceremony was held at the gorgeous Lillian Hoffer park, overlooking the harbour. It was so awesome to be surrounded by huge beautiful trees and feel the ocean breeze flowing through whilst Kelly and Jeff said their vows.

The Reception was held at the stunning Brentwood Bay Lodge on Vancouver Island. Kelly and Jeff's wedding basically took over the place and it was a blast! Enough with the chit chat... check out Kelly and Jeff's highlights film below and let us know what you think!

Bonny Jo & Joshua Trailer | Dallas, TX

I met Joshua about a year and a half ago where we attended film school together in Vancouver. Halfway through the year I had the pleasure of spending time with his fiance Bonny-Jo when she came to visit. Joshua had mentioned that he was thinking about hiring me and flying me out to Dallas Texas to film their wedding. After working out the logistics he bought the tickets and it was booked! So fast forward 8 months and here we are. The wedding day finally came. I had never been to Dallas before so it was an awesome experience to see the city. I had such a fun time with this incredible couple. These two have an amazing story. They've known each other since they were in their young teenage years. Joshua had pursued Bonny for quite some time and once she fell for him they were inseparable.  Their unconditional love for each other is so apparent when you see them together and their wedding day truly reflected that. It was also one of THE funnest weddings I've been to. They really wanted their quests to have a fun time and they truly succeeded.
Dallas Texas is usually a warm and sunny place this time of year and up until a few days before the wedding that was the forecast. But on the wedding day the clouds threatened to change plans but Joshua and Bonny-Jo were determined and willed the rain away. The rain held off long enough for the photo shoot but once the ceremony started the rain had begun. At this point their was no turning back and to tell you the truth I'm glad it rained. To see this couple surrounded by their family and closest friends, declaring they're love for each other in the poring rain was just amazing.
I'd like to give a special thanks to Bonny-Jo and Joshua for flying me out to be apart of this amazing wedding and to meet their amazing friends and family.
Below is a short trailer of their wedding day.

Jen Williams Teaser

This past weekend I had the pleasure of working with Jen Williams. We spent the day downtown filming for a promo video and it was an absolute blast! Jen Williams is a wedding and boudoir photographer out of Edmonton but soon her and her husband Chad are going to make the move to Vancouver! Check out her website here! Below are some screen-grabs from the shoot. I'll be posting the videos along with a full blog post in the weeks to come.