Fall is here... that means Christmas is close

Even though the weather hasn't been showing it lately, the Fall season is upon us. I'm a huge fan of Fall, especially in Vancouver. I love the temperature, the leaves, the new Fall TV schedule, etc. The wedding season isn't quite over for us though. We have 2 more weddings to shoot this year, one of which is in Dallas Texas. So that'll be awesome. This blog post is mainly me just checking in with everyone out there in internet land. I want to thank everyone for their kind words about the new site and blog. We're really happy with the change and we're glad everyone else is enjoying it. We've been very busy lately editing weddings from the summer, booking up our 2011 season, brainstorming for the future, and also working on some promotional and corporate projects. We recently brought in some new gear and have been using it on a couple of projects. We're very excited to use these new tools in our work and are excited about the possibilities. Also as you know Erin and I are planning our wedding for next year and we've finally got our act together and booked a church and reception venue. We're extremely excited and can't wait. Also a lot of people have been asking us the inevitable question "but who will film your wedding?"... don't worry, we've got it covered :) Oh that reminds me... we had our engagement photos done by the lovely Jamie Delaine. Check them out here!

We are extremely excited right now... just in general you know? We're so pumped for Christmas coming up, the new year, getting hitched, pushing our work further, the new wedding season and all the awesome couples we have lined up. We're currently booking up the season so if you're getting married in 2011 let us know! We'd love to take you out for coffee and learn more. Contact us here!

PS Have you heard the new Sufjan Stevens album? oooh man it's incredible. Check out one of my favourite tunes here.