One more to go...

Well I'm sitting in Vancouver International Airport waiting for my flight to Dallas Texas to board. I got a solid 3.5 hour sleep last night so that's sweet. I'm really looking forward to catching some shut eye on the plane. Christmas time in Vancouver is the best. Even the airport is decked out with decorations and Christmas music.

It's December 2nd and I'm on my way to film the last wedding of the year for us. This trip is going to be awesome. I get to film an amazing wedding with a super rad couple, and I get to visit Bonny Jo and Joshua who's wedding we shot in Dallas earlier this year (check it here!) Last week we shot a 3 day Sikh wedding which was so awesome. I'll be posting the highlights film soon. We've been going none stop lately. With the holidays fast approaching we're working more than expected so we're really looking forward to having some holiday time.

We've had an amazing wedding season and we're so excited for whats in store for 2011. We have incredible couples booked for next year and we couldn't be happier (oh wait we could… my fiancee Erin and I are getting married in May)

So I just thought I'd check in and throw a couple of random things down to keep you up to speed. Check back soon for some new films!

Oh PS… Last night we received some cool news. We were runners up for "Best Cinematography" at the BC Wedding Awards. A great honour!

...and PPS here is an incredible song to get you in the Christmas spirit.