Erin + Lucas || You Touch Every Place In My Heart

Ok let's just jump right in. About a year ago I received an email from a girl named Erin. She had some really kind words about our work and was emphatic on booking with us for August 2011. We had the date available and said we'd love to take her out for coffee to learn more. One small problem… she lived in Australia (where she met and fell in love with Lucas). So we talked over Skype and little did I know that Erin and I had some mutual friends and she had seen Tegan + Dan's Highlights and loved it. She told me all about the big day and everything that was in store. It sounded amazing and we were ecstatic. We met with Erin's mom and got some more details about the big day. A vintage themed wedding at Alpine Meadows Resort, a gorgeous resort in the interior of BC. It was great to talk with Erin's mother but we couldn't wait to meet Erin and Lucas in person. So a few weeks ago, both Erin and Lucas arrived in Vancouver. We immediately setup a time to meet with them. We all hit it off straight away and ended up hanging out at crescent beach for a couple hours. They took us to the spot where Lucas had asked Erin to marry him last year and it was awesome to see them just light up thinking of all the memories. That is exactly how they looked on their wedding day.

When we arrived at the resort our jaws dropped. This place is stunning. The perfect backdrop for the wedding. It was really fun to watch the day unfold. Erin and her bridesmaids were up early getting their hair and makeup did, when the guys, in true Aussie fashion, headed out to the lake for a quick dip only a couple hours before the ceremony. When Erin walked down the aisle, Lucas was fighting back the tears (then again so was everyone else). These two have such a touching story and are two incredible people. We count ourselves blessed to have be able to create their wedding film.

We had the pleasure of working with Paparazzi Photography. Check out their site!


So since this is Summer in BC there were tons of mosquitos out and about. So when you hear that little zap in the audio during Lucas's speech at the beginning, that is not the mic problem but a bug zapper close by.