Stella + Armstrong || Give Me A Hug (Erin's first blog post)

This is it - my very first blog post! Oh this is so exciting! Before I begin, I feel like there are a few things you all should know about how I write: I write like I talk, and I am faaaaar too expressive when I talk. I love me some caps lock and can't get enough dashes - you know, for when I would normally pause when I'm talking. I don't always believe in correct spelling and I lo-OVE exclamation marks! Annoying? You should meet me. I use my face way too much - my eyes NEVER close and my mouth is in a constant open smile… ew... How am I married?! Well, here goes nothing - be nice - its my first! Two weekends ago we filmed Stella and Armstrong's incredible backyard wedding! Let me tell you a few things about this couple: 1) Stella is quite possibly the most adorable woman I've ever met and Armstrong is a total babe; 2) vintage inspired and followed down to the last detail; 3) there was so much style at this wedding I felt like Mac and I should have gone home to change so we could fit in better; and 4) restored vintage mercedes and a convoy of harley's - need I say more?

Stella and Armstrong are both from Taiwan where Stella owns a chocolate cake and ice-cream shop and Armstrong has a clothing business. The couple really wanted to showcase these two loves and had sewing and baking details EVERYWHERE! (make sure to look closely at their incredible arch - hand crafted by Armstrong's father and decorated by the couple). Each table had multicoloured flowers in tin cans with vintage labels printed on them, vintage china plates and tea cups all with different patterns and even vintage chairs! Mac's favourite part was the fact that they served fresh flame cooked pizza, and MY favourite part was the desert table… I spent waaaay too much time there… This wedding was not only beautiful but SO much fun! Thank you Stella and Armstrong for having us share your special day - we had the best time and are so happy to have met you!