marina + anthony || intimate beach wedding

She's from Argentina. He's from France. They live in Switzerland. They met in Vancouver. They got married in Tofino. I have only been to Tofino once before and it was on a road trip with my family. I was a teenager and spent the entire vacation hiding in the back of the motorhome listening to my disc-man as I was just HORRIFIED to be seen travelling in a motorhome WITH my family. So dramatic.

This time was different. I actually enjoyed the journey and it was inCREDIBLE! No wonder Marina and Anthony had their family travel across the world to celebrate their wedding day at this destination.

This wedding was so refreshing. It was so simple which made it so elegant. They really let the setting stand on its own which is something that isn't done enough these days. The ceremony was right on the edge of Wickaninnish Inn's private beach with seashells lining the isle and waves and islands in the background. A tiki-torch path led the way to the reception tent where 50 guests sat at 2 long tables on logs! The weather was a little ridiculous on their day as it started out freezing and sunny, then hot and sunny, then foggy and cold, then foggy and hot, then sunny again, then foggy and cold for the rest of the night. But this couple thought things through and cold guests could sit around a campfire and have SMORES! My kind of wedding!

I also need to mention the quality of guests at this wedding - half spoke french and half spoke spanish but EVERYONE could dance. Not just your average wedding dancing, these people could ACTUALLY dance - ballroom salsa dancing maniacs! NON STOP ALL NIGHT! Marina and Anthony warned me the dancing could go on forever and I did not believe. Whoops!

Marina and Anthony - your wedding was incredible! You took a lot of risks planning a wedding so far away but it absolutely paid off! Wishing you both all the best and we will knock on your door the day we make it to Switzerland! Congratulations!