Palm Desert + Vegas

California is an amazing state. It's easily my favourite place besides BC… I may even dare to say it's tied with BC. When I was really young my family picked up and moved down to Palm Desert for my dads business. We lived there for a few years and returned back to BC but those few years in Palm Desert made a huge impact on all of us. We go back as often as we can and this year was no exception. Erin and I worked our butts off to finish a bunch of projects ahead of schedule so we could spend 3 glorious weeks in the desert. We had tons of fun and it was just what we needed to gear up for the upcoming wedding season. Check out some instagram snapshots of our trip below.

1. This is what most of our days looked like. Not bad eh?

2. The nightly view

3. I could honestly eat Chipotle everyday and never get tired of it. Maybe mixed with a little In N Out too

4. The office

5. Our adorable niece Sally

6. En route to Vegas

7. The view from Treasure Island - super bummed we couldn't time our Vegas trip with NAB or WPPI... maybe next year?

8. The valley from the top of one of our hikes

9. My brother-in-law's mean swing

We have some really cool projects that we're shooting this month and then May is the kick off to our busiest season yet. Can't wait to share :)