Loowa + Joey || Part 1

We don't often get the chance to make engagement films, so when we do it's quiiiite exciting. We get to hang with this awesome couple more then we usually would, get to know so much about them and see them interact with each other. We get to hear their story from BOTH points of view. All of this was definitely a big help for us as we created their engagement film but it was a HUGE help for us as we planned for their Same Day Edit. So much of storytelling is the work you put into pre-production and so we wanted to make sure we knew all about these two before the wedding day. But more on the SDE later... The day we spent filming with Loowa + Joey was the best. This couple is radical. Not just rad, but full on radical. They are hilarious. So easy going. So much fun. I spent most of the shoot laughing at them from afar while Shari + Mike fought with them to make a normal face for a photo. But for us this was gold! Its so rare that a couple can actually be themselves-completely themselves-while trying to act natural in front of 2 (or in this case 4) cameras.

Loowa and Joey- you nailed it. Such a fun shoot. Such a fun film. Check back soon for part two with Loowa + Joey's SDE!