Robyn + Joe

I’ve been going to Canmore Alberta since I was a kid. My great grandparents immigrated to Canmore from Italy back in the 1920’s where they raised my Grandpa and his two brothers in this adorable pink and white house. Growing up I can recall being specifically TOLD (on numerous occasions) to ‘look at the mountains!’ on our drives out. I remember always being distinctly irritated at this command as I didn’t much care for scenery and would rather continue to hear about what shenanigans Harry and Ron were getting into back at Hogwarts. I would feign interest and yell out the occasional ‘wow’, ‘that's so amazing’, ‘cool’, simply to appease the parentals. The mountains were cool I guess, but they were just mountains. Whatever. I don’t know what happened to me. Maybe its because I’m older, maybe its because I’m slowly turning into my mom, or maybe its because I’m a cinematographer now who see’s everything in life in ‘shots’ but OH MY GOSH HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THE MOUNTAINS?! Wow! They’re so amazing! They’re so cool! Canmore blew my socks off this time. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and served as the perfect backdrop for Robyn and Joe's wedding.

Robyn and Joe are from Ontario. They love the outdoors, friends + family, cold beer, and having fun. Those 5 things combined EQUAL Canmore! So it's no surprise that they decided on that beautiful city for their wedding.

The first time we spoke with Robyn and Joe was on skype last year where we instantly realized that they were the most laid back people er-ver. They were clearly in love, clearly excited about getting married but mostly excited to spend the rest of their lives together :) They are 2 seriously wonderful people. The best kind of people. We were so excited to get to know them and be a part of their day. You need to see this.


robyn + joe || one hundred & two from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

This was our first wedding working with the amazingly amazing Jarusha Brown Photography. We had a blasty blast working with her and hope to do so a ton more!

It was also our first wedding working with the lovely Callandra of Post Card Weddings + Events and had the greatest time doing so. Thanks so much Callandra for throwing an incredible event!