Chelsea + Phillip

This post is a little late in coming, but it HAD to be as we loved this couple! Chelsea and Phillip are the raddest people. They have the same childlike interests (straight up toys. Awesome.) and live in their own little world – the two of them and their adorable puppy Sasha. Chelsea and Phillip live in Edmonton, and there are few things I love more than flying domestic – hanging at YVR, no hassle with gear, no passports and still being able to use my cellphone. Its practically stress free! So when Chelsea and Phillip had us out to film their day we were pumped!

We really love that city (…in the summer…) and upon hearing Chelsea and Phillips plans we knew we would love their wedding too. (Late night bubble tea? Done.) Also The Art Gallery of Alberta was probably the most unique venue we’ve ever shot in – and I mean unique in the coolest way possible. It truly was the perfect reflection of Chelsea and Phil. Check out the film below! - Erin

chelsea + phillip || like christmas from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

PS We also got to shoot with David Guenther which we were pretty excited about (this guy is goooood!) Thanks for being awesome David!!!

Jamie + Randy

Jamie and I used to be neighbours! Our families lived about 5 houses (and a catwalk) away from each other for years but we never really knew each other. Once Mac and I joined the wedding industry however, Jamie became a big part of our lives. She shared so much knowledge and experience with us and really helped us to get started (we owe her forEVER!). Around that time, Jamie and I started taking advantage of our close proximity to each other and began going on walks together. On one such walk, Jamie agreed to shoot our wedding for us. And on that same walk, we agreed that one day, when she gets married, we would film hers. Since that day Maclean and I have been excitedly waiting for the day that Jamie would require our services :) Then one day we got a text asking our availability on some dates... because her and this phantom boyfriend 'Randy' (whom we had not yet met) were getting married!!! (but they weren't engaged yet and nobody knew so we had to keep it a secret - AHHHH!)

Then one day we got a call from this 'Randy'. He asked us if we would film his proposal to Jamie (but she had no idea so we had to keep it a secret - AHHHH!) This was so exciting for us and we finally got to get to know 'Randy' - and he was the BEST.  He's funny, creative, incredibly skilled at building things and has a giant heart. Not that our opinion matters at all, but we give Randy 2 thumbs up and a super high-five.

Finally the day arrived. Jamie and Randy's wedding day. If you know Jamie at all, you would expect her wedding to be completely perfect. Yes, Jamie's wedding was perfect. Jamie looked perfect. The decor was perfect. The schedule was perfect. The weather was even (close to) perfect. This was not a surprise in the least. What was a surprise was how much we got to see into Jamie and Randy's relationship through their incredible vows. I am a sucker for vows. I tend to unintentionally 'suggest' to couples that personal vows would be a good idea. The BEST idea. The ONLY IDEA! No need with Jamie and Randy - these vows - like everything else that day - were perfect. Look, listen and see for yourself!

Congratulations Jamie and Randy we are beyond happy for the two of you :)

jamie + randy || what a year it's been from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.


PS. You gotta check out the incredible photography by Lydia Jane!!! We had a blast working with her! :)

Jessica + Christopher

A few months ago we met up with Chris for coffee. This is how our conversation went... Chris: I'm gonna propose to my girlfriend. This is how I'm gonna do it... Also she loves you guys - can you shoot it?

Us: Ummm... YES!

(Clearly that recreation is not entirely accurate, but it paints a picture right?)

Chris is an awesome, creative and enthusiastic guy who put his whole heart into creating the perfect proposal - Jessica did not stand a chance! The lengths this man went to to create such a personal, meaningful and epic proposal - while still keeping it a secret - blew our minds!

We approached this project thinking "how best can we tell this story?" and we realized that the solution was to get out of its way. Figuratively and literally. We tried our best to stay hidden and let the magic unfold, and that it did. We'd love to talk more about it... but we don't want to ruin it. You should really just see for yourself...

(Even though I was there and experienced it... I watch this a lot by myself... I LOVE it! Well done Chris, well done. - erin)

jessica + chris || proposal film from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

About our About Video

You can plan as much as you want, but things never turn out the way you think they will. Welcome to the creation of our ‘about us’ video. We have shot (obviously) our fair share of films in our day, however, filming yourself is an entirely different story. Planning the shot list, the content, what you want to say verbally and visually, scouting locations and then ‘performing’ (for lack of a better word) in front of the camera – oh gosh! I was surprised how much extra… anxiety(?) those few extra steps added.

We had planned what we wanted to say and how we wanted to shoot the film a while back and had locations in mind before hand so we were good to go right? Not right. The few days we had reserved to shoot this film ended up being freezing and super foggy. I thought – well this is so great compared to the 90% chance of rain we usually face in Vancouver! Is it Erin? Is it? The beautiful scenery we had planned to shoot near was gone. My hair became MASSIVE. And due to the cold, Macs (adorable) rosy cheeks worked overtime (he does not like them while I love them so much - they are half the reason I married him!)

Ok, well we’re used to filming live events and thus used to the unpredictable, we’ll just go with the flow! The ‘flow’ led us to a beautiful ocean view… with the ever-flattering high noon sun. We are patient people, we will wait this out. A few hours later, prime lighting. We set up the camera, the audio, I managed to tame my enormous hair “3-2-1…” cue giant flock of crows. Wait… “Ok, 3-2-1…” shoot, TRAIN! Wait some more… “3-2-1..” the crows got into a fight with an eagle. Are you KIDDING?! ….Finally silence. “3-2-1…” and sun behind a cloud. We just started laughing. Seriously? What can you do?!

We are so proud of how this film turned out, and looking at it now you would never know the journey it took to make. We hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of who we are.


Hello from Hello Tomorrow from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

Our New Internet Home

It's really amazing how much things change. Time goes on and each day feels exactly like the day before. You work every day at the same tasks, often thankless tasks that produce little if any instant gratification. You don't really notice how much time has gone by until all of a sudden, in a flash! - you wake up and realize how long its been, and how far you've come. You wake up and it's the same as any other day, but it's a different day. That is what the completion of this new website has been for us.

We realized that through doing the ‘same’ thing every day for 8 years, we have come to do something completely different. By challenging ourselves to make every wedding as unique and personal to each couple as we can, we have been able to tell countless stories in countless many ways. We have strived to continually raise the level of our work while not losing what it is that makes us unique, not losing what makes us Hello Tomorrow.

It's not always the big things that produce the drastic results. It's the little things that you do everyday that create the biggest and greatest change. I have a new appreciation for the little things :)

We have been creating wedding films for 8 years now (how on earth has it been 8 years?!) For 8 years we have done the same work, but all of a sudden - FLASH! It's a different work. Have a look for yourself!


apple display website screenshot


We hope you enjoy perusing the new site! Be sure to watch our new about video! It's been years in the making and we're so excited to share it. We'll be sure to share a more detailed post on the video really soon.

This website has been a mountain of work and we have to send a special thank you to everyone who helped us out:

First off, the always INcredible Heather Hastings. She's our go-to designer and she's amazing! She spent countless hours designing and perfecting the look of the site to best reflect us and we couldn't be happier. Heather you're the best!

Now you all know we are huge fans of our friends Shari + Mike, so it was a no brainer to ask then to take our new promotional photos. We are beyond thrilled with the photos! Check out their blog post for a few more!

Also a large portion of the coding wizardry was done by the brilliant Duane Cilliers! Thank you so much for all of your help Duane!

Odd Numbers

I don’t like many odd numbers. I don't know why but I’ve always been that way. In sports when I would get stuck with an odd numbered jersey I would be bummed all season (stupid 21 – I wanted 8!). So when this past year of 2013 rolled around I thought, “well, better power through and make the best of this gross ‘13’ year.” So how surprised was I when this year turned out to be my favorite one ever! Firstly, work this year has been the best. Every single couple we’ve worked with we have loved so so much. THANK YOU EVERY COUPLE WE’VE WORKED WITH THIS PAST YEAR! We have been so honored and blessed to tell your stories and get to know you. One of the weddings we shot even won us the “Best Cinematographer” award from the BC Wedding Awards – whaaaa?! Check it out below! (Thank you Jackie and Darrin! Hope you’re doing well and loving married life. How is your dog?)

Besides all of this, we’ve gotten to do a fair bit of travel – some for work and some for fun. For work, we ended up all the way in Perth Australia where we were able to film the torch-and-teepee wedding (this is what I call it now) of our friends Honni and Matt, while touring the beautiful city and meeting so many wonderful people who we miss so much… (you know who you are). About a month later Mac and I went on our Christmas dream trip for 2 days only… to DISNEYLAND! Oh good grief was this the best time. I will say though, our insane excitement for Christmas and our equally insane love of Disneyland didn’t mesh as well as I had thought. My emotions didn't know what to do – they were so confused! I felt like I should be driving to Palm Desert for vacation afterwards not going home to cold… WELL – now we know! (still crazy fun)

When we did return for Christmas we got to film our dear friend's engagement, went to Tim Hortons a lot (that place makes us so patriotic and their Christmas cups are the best!), had a couple of the best Christmases yet (we oddly both really love our in-laws) and my cousin got engaged to Maclean’s best buddy from childhood – who woulda thought?!

All in all, I have no idea how 2014 is gonna top 2013, but I’m certain it will – 14 is a great number! We have really big plans for this year and lots of changes and we can't wait to share them with you! (No mom, we're not pregnant) AND we're planning to get our health on and utilize my beloved Vitamix a little more. We hope you all have your best new years yet - come on even numbers!


jackie + darrin || like a fun princess from Hello Tomorrow on Vimeo.

Jamie + Randy

OK so remember our friend Jamie? Wedding photographer extraordinaire? Well she's engaged!!! As you've read before, we go way back with Jamie. Not too long ago we started hearing about this Randy guy she's been hanging out with. We were able to meet and hang out with him briefly while shooting Jamie's recent promo film and he seemed like an awesome guy. Not long after we heard that things could be getting serious between these two. Our hopes were up.

A few weeks ago Randy got in touch with us and revealed that he was indeed planning on proposing to Jamie soon and wanted us there to capture it. We flipped! Our pal Jamie was getting engaged to this awesome guy AND we get to be there to watch it happen! We felt so honoured. So this past weekend it all went down. Randy had been planning for weeks to surprise Jamie and it paid off. She had no idea it was coming! The rest is pretty amazing and rather than share it in our own words, we suggest you watch the film. ALso be sure to check out Jamie's blog for their entire story!

Congrats again Jamie + Randy! We are SO excited for you both and cannot wait for the wedding!

Honni + Matt

Meet the Storey's. We've been blessed to know these two for a while now and the more we've gotten to know them, the richer our lives have become. Matt came over to Canada a few years ago for an adventure. Our good friend Jon* knew Matt when he lived in Perth, so when Matt landed in Vancouver, he quickly joined our crew. While exploring the Great White North he was torn about a love that was forming with a girl back home. Enter Honni. These two have been friends for quite some time, they were always together, friends and family always thought they'd be a good match but they weren't quite ready to start dating. A little while later Matt knew he had to return down under. He knew that Honni was the one and he couldn't be away from her any longer. (Awwwww!)

*fun fact: Jon is the husband of our dear friend and graphic designer the incredible Heather Hastings! Check out their wedding film here!

This was a once in a lifetime trip that we'll never forget for two reasons:

Reason #1: The Wedding During the months leading up to the wedding, we heard murmurings from Matt and Honni of what to expect and each day it seemed to be getting more and more epic (I usually don't like using the word epic, but it truly is warranted in this case). From the breathetaking location of Yallingup (a few hours south of Perth), to the reception Tee Pee's, and even a magical forest, we knew this was going to be unforgettable. I don't want to spoil too much so please take a look at their film. You HAVE to watch it. I won't take no for an answer :)

Reason #2: The People We were (and still are) absolutely blown away by the amazing warmth and love that came from both the bride and grooms' close friends and family. We have never felt so welcomed into a group of people so quickly. As cliche as it sounds, the second we landed in Perth we felt like we'd known everyone for years. They welcomed us into their homes, moved out of their bedrooms for us and drove us around town to see all the sites and all their favorite places. If you follow me on instagram then you caught a glimpse into the amazing fun we had. We have a lot more we want to say about the trip and these people but we'll save that for our next blog post :)

We want to say thank you - thank you - thank you to Matt and Honni once again. You two were a dream to film and we truly love you both. Puh-lease come back to Canada soon!



Jamie Delaine Photography

We'd like to talk about a friend of ours named Jamie. We go waaaay back with Jamie. I think it was about 8 or so years ago when I met her at Southgate Church shortly before Erin and I started dating. Erin however, goes back even further as she and Jamie went to school together. To be fair, they were 4 grades apart but still. Wow. It wasn't too long after I met Jamie that she started up her photography business and Erin and I quickly became blog stalkers. It was incredible to follow along on her journey to success and watch her work progress so quickly. When we started filming weddings she was always extremely helpful with tips/advice and we were even fortunate enough to film her first promo. A few years later Erin and I got engaged and it was an absolute no brainer to have Jamie photograph our day. (Check out our engagement shoot and wedding on Jamie's blog!) Over the years we've been lucky enough to work with Jamie on a bunch or weddings/projects, including her 2nd promo which you can watch here. But recently we decided it was time for an update. A couple months ago we started working on Jamie's new promo. Jamie had the idea to try a different approach to showing her personality, and we thought we might try slowing it down a bit. Jamie is super laid back and easy going and it felt right to portray that side of her this time. Let us know what you think of the result!


TECHY STUFF When Erin and I talked about how we wanted the visuals to look for this project, we initially thought of heavily using completely static shots. But as we talked about it, we realized that Jamie's laid back, yet bubbly personality couldn't be portrayed without a little movement. This brought up the idea of using handheld. We're always very wary of using handheld in our films. The story/project really has to lend itself to handheld and we never want to use it just because it's quick or convenient. Also since we shot on DSLRs for so long, shooting handheld was a more complicated option because of the need for a rig. But now with the C100 it wasn't a problem. The ergonomics and weight of the camera really allow for beautiful handheld without a rig. However if we were planning on shooting anything with a 50mm or higher we would definitely need a rig, but for this project we wanted to keep things pretty intimate so we shot almost entirely on the 24mm and 35mm.